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This site is not an official site of Al-Anon, Alateen or ACOA and not endorsed by any of the respective organisations.


Few people realize that alcoholism is a family disease and that many others need support as a result of alcoholism. It is estimated that each alcoholic affects between 7 and 17 people. It there for stands to reason that there are many people who need to wrest control of their lives back from the insanity of alcoholism.

What is Al-Anon

Al-Anon is a support group for the friends and families of alcoholics.  Al-Anon is not about how to get your alcoholic sober though many people do join Alcoholics Anonymous and achieve sobriety as a result of friends and family first joining Al-Anon. Al-Anon is about helping people achieve serenity and reducing the impact of the chaos that knowing an alcoholic can cause. By sharing experiences and examining their own lives people can find that life becomes easier and that they can achieve happiness.

What is Alateen

Young people particularly are affected by the presence of alcoholics in their life be they parents, siblings or friends. By sharing stories with their peers and going through the 12 steps, younger people can achieve peace.

What is ACOA

ACOA stands for Adult Children of Alcoholics and is either a natural progression from Alateen or for adults who need to deal with issues arising from having an alcoholic parent or parents.