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Modifying FF3us/FF6j ROM


Final Fantasy 3 us Multi Editor, for use with MS Windows


Version 6.70 (Feb. 2011 build): Tile editor, BRR Editor, misc. battle related editors, Rare Items renammers, etc.

FF3usME V6.70 (standard build)

FF3usME V6.70 (64-bit build)

 Release notes

 Previews: VWF Tile Editor, FWF Tile Editor, Wall Paper Editor, FF3usSpriteEd, BRR Sound Sample Editor, Battle Command Editor, Magitek Command Editor, Blitz Input Command Editor, Dance Command Editor, Battle Status Renamer, Battle Anim. Struct. Editor, Tool Anim. Struct. Editor, Item Anim. Struct. Editor, Weapon Anim. Struct. Editor, Rare Item Renamers, Item Type Renamer, Enhanced Battle Scripts, Monster Special Attack Name expansion


Version 6.80 (Feb. 2017 build): Small and Big Battle Window caption expansion

FF3usME V6.80

 Release notes




DLLs required for FF3usME 6.7 and higher

MFC 32-bit redistibuables

MFC 64-bit redistibuables


* Decompression / recompression DOS utility - (sorry, no support for this utility)


* EventDump extraction / insertion DOS utility, source - Use this to modify the game script

Modifying FF3us/FF6j SRAM

kefkalaugh.gif (578 bytes) Final Fantasy 3 us SRAM Hacking Kit, for use with MS DOS


Version 5 (February 27 2005 build)

FF3H Version 5, Source code

FF3LE Rogue Version

gogo.png (362 bytes) FF6LE, by d3tl4 and giangurgolo, modified for interoperability with FF3usME 6.7


Version 20120107: Overworld Maps Expansion combatibility

FFLE Rogue



Version 20130525: Bug fix related to Serpent Trench map corruption

FFLE Rogue



Link to MS .NET 4.0 redistribuables

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