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FF6j vs FF3us: Graphics Changes

Here are the most noticeable graphic changes from FF6j to FF3us.

Bits of skin




 FF6j: phantom beast "Siren"

FF3us: Esper "Siren" 

 How about that? Not a thing under these fish scales!!




 FF6j: phantom beast "Rakushumi"

FF3us: Esper "Starlet" 

 Suptle little pixels




 FF6j: enemy "Critic"

FF3us: enemy "Critic" 

 In the FF6j version it wears a two pieces




 FF6j: boss "Chadarnook"

FF3us: boss "Chadarnook" 

 More mist hiding this boss in the American version




 FF6j: boss "Goddess"

FF3us: boss "Goddess" 

 More draped in the US release




 FF6j: final boss, part II

FF3us: final boss, part II 

 3 Espers/phantom beasts are lightly dressed in the Japanese version

Social impact




 FF6j: enemy "Barb-e"

FF3us: enemy "Barb-e" 

 The opium pipe was modified for FF3us, and no smoke would come out of it.



 FF6j: PUB sign

FF3us: CAFE sign 

 There is two panel that reads "cafe" in FF3us, they originally where "pub" signs. I'll have to see some IDs kid...

Wait... I never saw that in the other version!


 These images show some graphics and features that aren't found in their counterpart


 FF6j: nope, no license mojo

FF3us: starting the game 

We skip directly to the main title in FF6j. The "Final Fantasy III" graphics mask is the same that the main title. 



 FF6j: Final Fantasy VI

FF3us: Final Fantasy III 

Again, the license issue. Notice that the fonts are different. FFVI had a cool logo, which is unique for each Final Fantasy game.



 FF6j: Change button setup

FF6j: Rename your sword techs 

Unfortunately, the US version had removed these two menus. The button setup was next to the controller setup menu, and the sword tech renamer offered players a range of 111 kanji characters to rename the 8 swordtechs

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