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Some simple verbs

Verbs in Cochimi, as many languages, have a singular and plural form. Singular form of the verb will have (s) beside it, and plural verbs will have (p) beside it.

Let's look at a list of singular and plural common verbs in Cochimi:

stand ip (s) - k'paw
stand up (p) - k'npaw
sit down (s) - knak
sit down (p) - knak
clap (s) - xelh kiptaj
clap (p) - xelhk potaja
laugh (s) - kusey
laugh (p) - kusay
crawl (s) - tjtt
crawl (p) - kjotat
run (s) - knwk
run (p) - knawk
lay down (s) - kpath
lay down (p) - kpath
yell (s) - kathay
yell (p) - kotohay
jump (s) - k'jthup
jump (p) - kjutxupa
wisper (s) - jweyjwey
wisper (p) - mat chuljuaya
cry, howl, meow (s) - k'm
cry, howl, meow (p) - kitikay
get mad (s) - kinmiy
get mad (p) - kintumiy

It would be helpful to learn some of these verbs.

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