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Iris, Goddess of the Rainbow Rainbow-goddess. Hera's winged messenger. Daughter of Thaumas(son of Pontus and Gaia) and Electra(Oceanid). Mother of, some say, Eros, by Zephyrus. She was good- natured, carrying massages for other gods, and on occasion, mortals. She was a peacemaker, sending a many-colored arch of iridescent light across the sky, promising fair weather. She never objected when Zeus, wishing to conceal his affair with Aphrodite, claimed that Eros was not their child, but in fact Iris's. Hera was angered by this and scolded Iris for not objecting to such and accusation. But Iris just smiled through her tears, projecting brightness like a rainbow. It was so enchanting that, for the first time, Hera finally stopped scolding.