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While I did a fairly good job of learning this html stuff on my own, pestering the fewest possible people as seldom as possible, these sites were by no means a one woman job. I had a lot of help in the areas of cracking html code, solving problems, proofreading, moral support and inspiration. I would be an evil human being if I failed to acknowledge the people who helped make these sites happen. These acknowledgements are applicble to my Critical Thinking and Speech site, Mr. Blair's Lit/Comp 2 site, Mr. Friedrich's History site and the CSP Sophmore site (when I finally build it).

My dear, dear friend Dave Awl: writer, performer and computer/www guru. Dave is one of the few people in the world who makes my head hurt every single time I speak to him, because he knows so darned much and he is always trying to help me get some of his vast knowledge squeezed into my moderately-sized brain. Dave is featured several times on the web, and I highly recommend checking him out.
Ocelot Factory:

Dave has also written the PREMIER page on Russel Hoban. Many of us were introduced to Mr. Hoban through the books of yore about Frances the Badger, (shown at right) who was my best friend as a small child. Mr. Hoban has also written many fabulous novels and is a right fascinating person. So you really ought to check out Dave's page on him, too, if you know what's good for you. Honestly, this is way worth your time.
The Head of Orpheus:

Sir Saberheart
Here is another who makes my head hurt often, for which I cannot thank him enough. He seems to know it all when it comes to computers and the web and is very kind about sharing his wealth. Without the good knight's patience and generosity with his knowledge, I would have gone nuts and this page would be extrememly uninteresting to look at. If you look at his page you will surely understand what I am talking about.

Raptor This kind gentleman has been of immense value to me during this project. He has been quick with tips and advice and has been one of my best cheerleaders. He always tests out the new stuff I put in my page to make sure it works for me. He is a great fellow and you ought to eyeball the page he has built, letting us get to know him and his favorite aircraft.

Spider is another dear friend who has helped me graciously with this project. As you can probably surmise on your own, Spider created the glorious graphic that adorns the "About Ms. Shotola" page. I absolutely LOVE that image and thank him deeply for it. He invites you to visit his page, then revisit to see if he has done any more work on it. It isn't quite done yet, but it is getting there!

You would be hard-pressed to find a better specimen of a human than my dear Wayfarer. He is as kind as he is brilliant as he is creative as he is web-savvy. His artistry adorns Mr. Blair's personal information page and the front page of Ms. Shotola's site. I thank him for his contributions to this project from the bottom of my heart. Should you wish to see more of Wayfarer's fine work, please visit his homepage by clicking above.

Angelfire has been very good to me. The pages are free and they make the page creation just about as easy as possible.

HTML For The World Wide Web 4 by Elizabeth Castro from Peachpit Press has been my primary guidebook. It is an excellent learning manual and desktop reference. It is written in clear, east-to-follow language and it very straightforward. I highly recommend it. If it hand't been for this site, I probably would have flaked out and not built anything. This site lays stuff out very clearly and made the whole thing seem manageable. I highly recommend it for learning html.

Animated GIF Archive Most of the graphics for my page came from this wonderful site.
Clipart Castle Mr. Friedrich's site would not be the wonderful place it is going to be without this fabulous collection of images.