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How the inu Yasha Gang Eats a Reese's

In an attempt at cheap humor, we have laid out Reese's Peanut Butter Cup's in front of the cast of Inuyasha (and a few minor characters) to see how they would eat them. Join us on this uninformational journey...

Inuyasha: After shaking the Reese's package, smelling it, turning over a half dozen times, our specimen tried opening it with his hands. When unsuccessful, the subject became hostile and ripped it open with his teeth. Still rather angry and not knowing how to eat modern candy, the subject consumed the Reese's paper and all.

Kagome: Not really an interesting subject. Subject merely squealed in delight at finding one, opened it and ate one. Subject then gave the other one to Shippo.

Shippo: At finding a Reese's after eating Kagome's, the subject first looked around to make sure no one else was around to take it from him, then ate it. The subject walked off licking his fingers, chocolate evidence smeered across his face.

Myoga: Seeing as how the subject was so small, we had to get a zoom lens before testing subject. After installing our zoom lens, we continued with our experiment. The subject, being a flea, merely stared at the package before using it as a futon. Subject did not eat the Reese's.

Miroku: Subject picked up the Reese's and tried to offer it as payment for bearing a child with a local girl. After being slapped nearly senseless, subject staggered to a local store and sold it.

Sango: Upon seeing the Reese's, subject approached cautiously. Determining that it wasn't dangerous and was in fact edible, subject opened the Reese's ate one, fed the other to her pet demon, and buried the wrapper.

Sesshoumaru: We found this specimen particularly interesting in the fact that he did not have 2 hands with which to open the wrapper. Unfortunately, the subject found a way around that, ordering his servant to open it for him and then consumed the Reese's.

Jaken: Subject cackled evilly for 5 minutes on finding his own Reese's. Observers were annoyed by the awful noise and left before subject ate the Reese's. Results inconclusive.

Rin: We happened to like this subject and were delighted by her reactions. After finding a Reese's, subject ran to her demon guardian to open it. The servant was ordered to open the subject's Reese's and hand it back to the girl which he did while muttering incoherant things. Subject ate the chocolate ravenously and ran around in circles trying to catch the servant. 10 minutes later, both the servant and demon guardian were covered with melted chocolate from the subject's hands and face (subject insisted on kissing both of them after eating the Reese's). Observers chorused adoring "Aww's".

Kouga: On finding a Reese's, subject proceeded to find Kagome. Subject offered it as a betrothal gift to her and taunted Inuyasha with a rousing taunt of "Dog turd". When a fight broke out between the subject and the aforementioned "dog turd", the girl just shrugged, ate one, and fed the rest to Shippo before walking off.

Kikyou: Subject picked up the Reese's and proceeded to cast a spell on it. After leaving it behind, a careless traveler happened upon it and ate it. While the traveler was knocked unconcious, subject proceeded to "eat" his soul. Observers ran like hell.

Naraku: As observers, we were rather confused on how to get a Reese's to the subject. The subject was known to create dopplegangers of himself and it would taint the experiment to have a doppleganger eat the Reese's. Upon much controversial discussion, we decided that anything the dopplegangers found, would ultimately be taken to the subject. So with that, a Reese's was left for Naraku.

We happened to "luck out". It appeared that we indeed found the real Naraku to feed our candy bar to. Subject approached the candy and inspected it carefully. Deciding it was not a trap of any kind, the subject shed his baboon skin. Unfortunately, the observers being female, did not happen to record anything past this point as they were much too busy swooning and blushing as he lifted the candy to his delicate lips the color of a faded rose and looked twice as soft. Observers managed to note while drooling, that as he pierced the chocolate delicately, his teeth were the most amazing shade of white. He then swallowed slowly and sensually as if he were... um... were was I? Oh yeah... we didn't get much. ^_^;;;