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Don't you just loooooove politics?

If The Presidential Campain Was Anime......

Two lone combatants stood on a battle field. Sweat dripped down their faces, and their breathing was heavy. Their jaws tightened in determination. Twin battle auras flared like fire. In this battle there could be only one...

"Super Special Tuesday attack!!!!!" Mcain yelled flinging himself at his opponent. He ripped off his tie and threw the ki charged projectile at his opponent. It boomeranged in the air. Mcain flung tie after tie after tie from some unknown source (brought to you by bandanna space and mallet space ) at his enemy.

Bush leaped ten feet in the air and desperately evaded ki charged ties. He was hard pressed. Mcain was backing him into a corner. He would have to bring out his special super secret attack. He rose.

"I didn't want to do this Mcain've forced my hand." Thunder crackled in the sky. "MUD SLANDER BLAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Wind rushed up and whipped at Bush's suit. A cell phone appeared in Bush's hand.

"Hello National Gossip?? Did you know Mcain wet his bed as a child??"

"Noooooooooo stop!!"

"And he had acne too!!!"

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! THAT'S IT BUSH PREPARE TO DIE!!"

"darkness beyond blackest scandal"

"deeper than the deepest dept"

"king of taxes that glows like the sea of chaos (the Irs building)"

"I call upon thee and swear myself to thee!!!"

"Let the fools that stand--

"Al Gore I choose you!!!" Mcain facefaulted and lost the spell he was casting. Bush blinked.

Bill Clinton came into the ring. He had an evil smile on his face.

"You think I'd let you boys have all the fun?!" Clinton pointed a finger toward Gore. "Gore tackle attack now!!" he screamed. Gore bowed deeply.

"Yes....masssssssster", Gore hissed.

Gore ran head first at Mcain and Bush. Mcain snagged Bush's foot and set him in Gores way. The two collided together in a heap. Clinton glanced at looked at him an eyebrow raised.

"You don't have anymore of those do you??", Mcain asked nervously. Clinton slowly opened one eye.

"Well........ITS A SECRET!!" Mcain sweatdropped. Mcain knew he had to think of something fast before Bush came to.

"Look its Monica in a bikini!!!", Mcain shouted. Clinton swivel to look.

"Where?????? WHere is she"???? Mcain was about to strike when...


Hilary Clinton looked down at Clintons bruised and battered body.

" baka" Everyone shivered in fear as they gazed at Hilary.

Bush shook his head and pulled himself up from the ground. This was his chance! Now if only he could.....


"Wait what's that??," Bush asked out loud.


The ground where the enemies had once stood now was huge crater. Debris floated to the ground. Nothing was of the politicians but a cell phone and a campaign flier. A short solitary figure stepped out of a huge Walmart mecha.

The mechas guns were still smoking and a small insignia said "Ross Perot" on the bottom. The man looked at the result of his handy work and screamed his war cry....


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