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My dad's chil..ahh, the Saga of Little Bobby

Bobby's Curiosity Gets the Best of HIm

Based on a true Story

Little Bobby had always been the curious child, never taking an answer for face value and always having to find the answer for himself. For example, one day his second grade teacher read his class a story about a blind child. But there were many questions the book left unanswered such as “What if the blind boy were afraid of the dark?” or “What if his dog got hurt” or, most importantly in his little second grader’s mind “Could the little boy walk down the street in a straight line?”

Little Bobby pondered these dilemmas as he rode the bus home. When he got there, he declared to his mother and older sister that he had a very important question. “Can a blind person walk in a straight line?”

His sister laughed in response and ran out of the room, leaving a pouting second grader there with his arms crossed stubbornly. Bobby’s mother came over and gave her usual sort of answer “I’m sure a blind person would be able to walk straight.” She assured him. But he didn’t believe her. Little Bobby made up his mind that she didn’t really know; couldn’t know. But, he nodded and went out to play.

Although today, he was not playing. For moments earlier, a light had gone off in his brain, telling him to go! Find out! Not being one to argue with his consciousness, he ran down the stoop to the sidewalk and began walking very slowly with his eyes closed. He peeked once, then resolved not to. “After all” he thought “the little blind boy couldn’t peek. I shouldn’t either”.

Now, it just so happened that Little Bobby lived on a rather busy street. As he walked crookedly down the sidewalk, he began to veer to one side, then the other. He took one step towards the left and …BAM!

Little Bobby had hit a stop sign square on.

Later in the emergency room, a place Bobby’s mother had dubbed her “home away from home” Bobby looked at the electronic defibrillator curiously and thought…

Note- Little Bobby is in no way based on my father, nor his mother my grandmother. All coincidences in events and sayings are just that-coincidences.