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Good, and I Mean GOOD Stories

Great Fics!

Shhhh! Don't tell anyone this section is here, but I just had to sneak it in! All fics here have been screened for quality, and gone through a 15 point check process. If it's not good, it was trashed. I'm afraid that administration might not appreciate this section, but the can go *#@& themselves.

We at AFAA take no responsibility for this page, as a member hacked our website and included it, making us unable to delete it without corrupting the database. So alas, this page will have to remain,although it's EVIL! These wonderful fanfics will send you into a state of ecstacy and we just cannot have that! The buzz that comes from these exceptional stories is unhealthy, and will further incapacitate the youth of the world! And we will not go *#@& ourselves!

At the moment, we are fic-less, but we are currently going through the 15 point check list or at least 3 stories, which will be posted soon. If anyone would like to submit stories, please mail me (address on homepage). Thank you.