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Sit right down, and you'll hear a tale...

Stories so bad, you'll never be able to go back!

Do you want to read a bad story? I mean a REALLY bad story? So bad you'll be on the floor in agony? Me too.

For those of you using the "moderation" tactic, we highly reccomend reading these stories to turn you away from better ones. They are terrible, and most were written during a boring math class or the like, with the author half asleep, and not really caring. On with the tales!

If anyone has horrible tales, please donate them. And I don't mean stories you just happen to thnk are bad. And please, don't donate other's works, it's very discouraging. MSTings are fine.

Mystix the EllimistDragon

Slayers, A Poufter and Absolutly Nothing


If The Presidential Campain Was Anime......

The Evil webmistressherself!

The Saga of Little Bobby

Kalia Arkanon

Beauty and the Beast...Slayers Style!


How the Inu Yasha Gang Eats a Reese's