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Are You Addicted?

Are you one of the many poor unfortunate souls addicted to anime fanfiction? Take this simple quiz to find out!

Answer yes or no:

Do you find that you're unsatisfied if you do not read at the least one new story daily?

Did you hold up your family vacation "Just to print up some reading material for the ride"?

Do you bother authors until they complete their stories?

Have you put up a webpage dedicated to anime fanfiction?(or that has a fanfic section?)

Have you ever written(or attempted to write) a fanfic?

Do you spend hours looking for new stories?

Does your math notebook consist of plot lines,character traits and almost everything except math?

Does your family worry that you might be spending too much time on the internet?

If you can answer yes to more than half of these, then you NEED HELP(i did) and this webpage is for you!(Geez, that's corny)