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But wait..there's more!

Chapter 2; Finally! A chapter 2!!

Lina's eyes widened as recognition finally came to her. Kneeling by the young man's body, and wept silent tears, and gently took the sword from his stiffened body, "Gourry, I'll miss you, but since your dead, you won't need this sword."

Lina smiled to herself, thinking that at least -she- didn't have to kill him. Walking out of the tavern and the town, she dragon-slaved the place just for good measure. She had a reputation, you know. Unbeknownst to her, someone lurked in the shadows, watching his past love, with a glint of intelligence on his twinkling blue/violet eye. Revenge would come soon for him, the bittersweet revenge, the delectable yumminess of an old flame distinguished, the revenge that doesn't give you indigestion or make you constipated, the. . . .damn it, if you don't understand by now, you're a freakin' idiot! Lina continued on, unaware.

Suddenly, another figure appeared, clad in an off-white cloak and tunic. Lina screamed, and fire welled up in her experienced hands.

"Now, hold on, you freak! It's me, Zel!"

"Zel? Wow! I haven't seen you in a long ti. . . .waitasecond, -your- calling -me- a freak?! HEY!"

The chimera sighed, then took out two pieces of what looked like beef jerky, one a milky brown, the other, pale pink. Lina quirked an eyebrow, "Whassat?"

Zel smiled, took a big chomp out of the brown one, and started to sing in a manly soprano, "Black boy's, are delicious, chocolate flavored lo-o-ove!"

Lina grinned, and grabbed the white one, eating it down, "But white guys are good-tastin' too," then -she- started to sing, "When I bite their shoul-der, I bite to kill!"

Amelia came in wearing nothing but a goldfish, and chewed on Zel's leg, "But green guys, are so yummy! Like a minty fresh inside my tummy"

The music stopped, Zel and Lina straightened, and stared at the strange princess. She grinned sheepishly, and allowed herself a slight wave before running into the forest, pocahontis-style. Zel rubbed the spot she bit him, "Strange girl, she is. Be crazy, she must"

Lina laughed, "Alright, Yoda, let's get going"

* * * * * *

Night fell, and Lina was taking off her cape, Zel removed his tunic, and the sorceress' jaw dropped and went ka-thunk-ka-thunk-ka-thunk on the ground, "Zel? Are you in drag?!"

Zel adjusted his halter-top and tightened his chastity belt, "Lina! That's a personal question! But, if you must know, I've discovered a new me. I don't need to find a cure now, you wouldn't believe how much people will pay to have sex with a rocky, green bisexual."

Lina just nodded and smiled, licking her lips and eyeing the lock on the chastity belt. He -was- kinda sexy, especially with those boots. . . "Zel?"

He smiled erotically at her, "Tonight, sweetheart, it's free. That is, as long as you have whips and handcuffs" The silent watcher fumed, how dare she?! He loved her, and now she won't even invite him in on the action. She didn't even bother to tell the freak he was gone! Oh, she would die, slowly and painfully for this, and he would enjoy every minute. That's it! He couldn't stand to watch this anymore, he was leaving. Are there hoes this deep in the woods?