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Titan Battleland Construction Kit

The various transparent GIFs below can be combined to build new Battleland boards of your own.  They all use the same 16-colour palette.  Send me your creations --I'll put them up for others to enjoy.

I recommend using Arial Black 44 for the text parts --not an exact match, but pretty close.

These images are mirrored on Chee-Wai Kan's Titan pages; go take a look!

You can also download all the GIFs at once here.

The "Signature":

Battlelands of Titan signature block

The Blank Hex Grid:

Blank Battleland grid

The Turn Track:

Turn Track

The Hexes:

Blank hex  Bog Hazard  Brambles Hazard 
Blank hex Bog Brambles
Lake/River Hazard  Lava/Volcano Hazard  Sand Hazard 
Lake (from the Badlands) Lava/Volcano Sand
Snow Drift Hazard  Stream Hazard (see below) Tree Hazard
Snow Drift Stream Tree
The Stream Hazard is adapted from Tor Gjerde (who calls it a River). It is described as follows:
Effect on Movement: Non-flying non-native characters are Slowed.
Effect on Striking: None.
Effect on Rangestriking: None.
Any character native to Woods or Plains is native to the Stream.

The Hex-Sides:

Cliff Hazards  Dune Hazards  Slope Hazards  Wall Hazards
Cliffs Dunes Slopes Walls

Completed Battlelands:

Here are the Titan Badlands (PDF, Zipped, 2,76 Mb) from an old General (for which permission to reproduce had been granted); you'll need this to use the Lake Hazard above.
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