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Urhixidur Fonts Type Foundry Page

fDUT - Urhixidur Fonts

Click on any sample to download the corresponding font.

To view each font's Description, Licence and other juicy, built-in details, it is strongly recommended you fetch and install the Microsoft TrueType Font Properties shell extension (TTFExt). This applies to any TrueType font, whatever its provenance may be. Remember that you are legally bound by a font's licence agreement when there is one included in the TTF, whether you've seen it or not.

Relax: My fonts, as far as possible, are "recognition-ware" in the sense that you're free to use them as you wish, as long as you include an acknowledgement in the finished product.

Macintosh Notes

You can readily unzip the ZIP files using a (free) tool such as Aladdin's StuffIt Expander. This'll get you the TTF file. Before you can use it, you'll need to use another tool such as TTConverter 1.5 (cheap shareware; also available here, here and here) to repackage it as a "font suitcase", which you can then drop into your System's Fonts folder.

Macintosh OS 8.6 (the only one I've got easy access to right now) doesn't seem to have built-in "Get Information" to read a TrueType font's Description, Licence and so forth. If anyone knows otherwise, I'd love to know and spread the word.


3Strands TrueType font - Click to download

3Strands 1.01 (Zipped)

The 3Strands font is a "braided" font; three strands intertwine, starting, stopping, looping...It works best at rather large sizes. One of these days I'll make a thinner-stranded one suitable for smaller sizes.


Apollonian TrueType font - Click to download

Apollonian 1.00 (Zipped)

The Apollonian font is a Greek-based late-mediæval secret alphabet attributed to Apollonius of Tyana.


Deseret TrueType font - Click to download

Deseret 1.00 (Zipped)

The Deseret font transposes the Deseret glyphs (Unicode 3.1 $10400-$1044F) into the ANSI range. The glyphs are those designed by James Kass for his Code2001, an experimental Plane 1 Unicode 3.1 font.

Drow [Rounded] and Drow Angular

Drow Rounded TrueType font - Click to download

Drow Rounded 1.00 (Zipped)

The Drow font is a fantasy font assigned to the Dark Elves: the Drow. The glyphs were originally designed by the on-line Elven Kingdom of Arčthane (it used to appear under the Elven Alphabet and Dictionary page). The character mapping was extensively modified and a number of glyphs added (digits, punctuation, etc.).

Drow Angular TrueType font - Click to download

Drow Angular 1.00 (Zipped)

A variant of Drow Rounded with more cuneiform-like glyphs. This could be the graven version of Drow.

Khemitic Hieratic

Khemitic Hieratic TrueType font - Click to download

Khemitic Hieratic 1.00 (Zipped)

Years ago, I ran role-playing sessions set in an Ancient-Egypt-inspired world, Khemi. It was as complete as I could make it, including maps and handouts written in the main written script. Here it is in TrueType form, at last.

The Khemitic font is not a simple transcription of the Latin alphabet --it has missing letters and additional ones-- and the numbering system is closer to Roman than Arabic; so be sure to read the font's Description properties tab to learn the keyboard mapping.

The sample above doesn't show it, but the font actually includes two sets of characters, one set is rounded (as shown) and is the written script; the other set is angular and is the graven script.


Kzinti TrueType font - Click to download

Kzinti 2.00 (Zipped)

The Kzinti font is my interpretation of Larry Niven's "dots-and-commas" Kzinti script.


Matoran TrueType font - Click to download

Matoran 1.01 (Zipped)

The Matoran font realises the alphabet created by the LEGO group for its Bionicle world. To the A-Z letters, I've added digits, a whole bunch of accented characters and a few generic punctuation characters. (Version 1.00 was defective)

MIB2 (Men In Black II)

MIB2 TrueType font - Click to download

MIB2 1.00 (Zipped)

The MIB2 font (Men-in-Black 2 font) captures the Burger King Men-In-Black II "alien glyphs" of a few years ago.


Nug-Soth TrueType font - Click to download

Nug-Soth 2.00 (Zipped), which now includes digits.

The Nug-Soth font is a simple secret alphabet introduced by the Avon edition of the Necronomicon.

Another NugSoth font can be found at Thomas W. Otto's Norfok type foundry.

Passage du fleuve (Passing the River)

Passage du Fleuve (Passing the River) TrueType font - Click to download

Passage du Fleuve 1.00 (Zipped)

The Passage du fleuve font is a mediæval (circa XIIth-XVth century) occult script derived from Hebrew. It was also known as "Passing the River".

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