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Jupiter's Place on the Web!

Hello! And welcome to Jupiters Place on the Web.
I am Jupiter and this is my homepage.

Here's what you'll find at "Jupiters Place on the Web" ...

Want to know more about me ? Then you've come to the right place! Here you will find out all about me, my love of pencils (and other quirky habits) and info on the Ragdoll breed.

Yey! My human is so clever she learned HTML and built me this homepage - you can find out more about her and the other humans here.

The Gallery. Here you will find a multitude of pics of me snoozing, playing on my scratching post, and generally being just too cute for words. Check it out!

Come and see my prized collection of Awards

Go and read about some of the causes we support

Jupiters Links is the place to go to find many more cool cat pages that you should visit.

We just love to hear from other kitties all over the world, email us your URL and we may even link you!!!

When you have finished browsing my site purrr-lease don't forget to sign my guestbook and tell us what you think.

Thank-you for visiting my page at Angelfire and i hope that you will return soon to check out all the latest Updates to "Jupiters Place on the Web"