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PIEDAD's Home Page

Welcome to our new web site!

PIEDAD= Propagacion Islamica para la Educacion e la Devocion a Ala' el Divino

Sisterhood in PIEDAD


PIEDAD is a network of women who are dedicated to serving Allah swt by spreading Al Islam to all as well as the Spanish speaking population to the USA. By working ONE on ONE with non Muslim women and supporting new Muslims in their "evolution" . Always bearing in mind not to be judgemental , seek knowledge from all that is good and honorable . To live each day as if it were our last and therefore strive to win the hearts and mind of those that seek the answer to life' AL Islam". To place humility and charity above all . And keep steadfast in our prayers and lifestyle , to live ever mindful of Almighty Allah and praise him with every moment of our lives on this Earth.


Our mission:

To  propagate Islam to all  with attention to the overlooked Hispanic women in the USA. To try to link them to a local sisters chapter of PIEDAD in their state or the local masjid.
To use innovative media to reach our target populations of non Muslim women. Utilizing Audio- Visual productions, WWW, Newspaper and radio ads etc.
To distribute free Islamic literature in different levels, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. 
To develop dai'yetts from this group and educate them by sending traveling seminars nationally.
To  request sponsorship for brothers to study overseas as Imams, and in this way spread Islam to Latin America.

To work on Islamic social service projects that will assist our Muslim community. So that it may thrive and take part in our Jumaah.


Islam and Hispanic heritage-Present information on Muslim Spain and our heritage of 800 years .


Comparative Religion; Study of the Abrahamic faiths.

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