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Lisa Norvell
Benefiting Melanoma Research,
Education and Awareness


I am currently in the process of getting 1,000 more CDs,
hopefully before the end of 2006!
Please keep checking back for availability,
or email me to put you on a "wait-list"
and I'll let you know when they are back in stock!
Thanks! ~Lisa~

Thanks to all from the bottom of my heart for the overwhelming response to this CD!!

(Doesn't that look like an angel in the lower left-hand corner of the picture above?? Gave me chillbumps when I downloaded it!)

ALL proceeds from each "Wings of Hope" CD go to:


Learn more about MELANOMA - The DEADLY Skin Cancer!
It's NOT "JUST skin cancer"!

According to the American Cancer Society , more than 54,000 people will be diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma in the United States this year, and nearly 8,000 will die from this disease. Learn how to protect yourself and those you love. Use suncreen, wear a floppy hat, stay out of the sun during "peak times" (between 10am and 4pm). DON'T get sunburned! There's NO such thing as a "Safe Tan".. tanned skin is actually DAMAGED skin! (By the way.. tanning beds are JUST as bad as the sun.. and possibly worse!) If you HAVE to have a tan.. get it out of a bottle! Vanity (being tanned) is NOT worth risking/losing your life over! Check your moles, freckles, spots, etc. for color or size change, itchiness, ANYTHING that's different, and see a doctor immediately if anything changes! Remember to check EVERYWHERE..even where the "Sun Don't Shine"!

is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding a CURE for Melanoma!

While you're there.. please read
the story that inspired this God-given song! Learn how the hummingbird has become a powerful symbol in the melanoma community.

Another wonderful place I've found online, and in my opinion the BEST resource place for learning about melanoma and the REAL people who deal with it (patients, caregivers, researchers), with links to almost anywhere you need to research melanoma, including current trials, is

Also if you get a chance, check out:
The SHADE Foundation
The SHADE Foundation was established by Shonda Schilling, wife of Arizona Diamondback pitcher Curt Schilling, in August of 2002. Their mission is to eradicate melanoma through educating children and the community in the prevention and detection of Melanoma and the promotion of sun safety.

Looking for Melanoma Awareness items, like car ribbons, arm bands, car air fresheners, etc?
Then ANDERSON'S ARMY is the place!
This non-profit site was set up in memory of Brian Anderson,
a young valiant warrior who lost his battle with the beast in 2004.
All proceeds go to the MRF! Check it out!

THANK YOU for your interest in helping find a CURE for melanoma!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And now.. a shameless plug for my older sister, Judy, without who's help I'd NEVER have gotten this CD produced, arranged, and recorded. She herself has recorded not one, but TWO Gospel CDs. The first one, a full CD, is called "I Thirst For You". I have 2 personal favorites on there.. "Blessed Assurance" and "Worth It All", a song dedicated to our mom and dad. Her latest CD is a single called "When I Get Up To Heaven".. gives me goosepimples and makes me cry everytime I hear her sing it.

If you're interested in either of her CDs.. please email me at the address below, and I'll provide order information.

JUDY FELTS - "I Thirst For You" is $17

JUDY FELTS - "When I Get Up to Heaven" is $10

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hey.. I'm a member of the Fort Worth Songwriter's Association! If it weren't for these awesome people encouraging me to WRITE, and inviting me to venues to sing/play the songs.. Wings of Hope probably would never have been written! Thank you FWSA!! I'm so honored to be in the company of some of THE BEST SONGWRITERS in the world!

You can check them out here:

The Fort Worth Songwriters Association

Thank you Frances Walsh for the wonderful award you gave me on 12-7-03. It means the WORLD to me..there's SO much talent in this area, I'm just so honored! I thank God for giving me this song.. I thank the Shanon's for writing Jason's "Wings of Hope" Story.. and I thank the melanoma community for embracing "Wings of Hope"!


Update: My dear friend, Frances Walsh, passed away in 2006.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Please note: I have no control over the advertisements at the top of this page or the pop-ups that appear. In order to have a free webpage, I had to agree to let Angelfire (this domain) place ads on my site. Seems some search engines look for words like "tan" and "sun" and "mole". I'm pretty angry I'm getting tanning products and tanning bed ads.. please let your voices be heard to the advertisers themselves!

Have to admit though..the "Control Moles Now" ads crack me up!
(They're a Pest Control Company)

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