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Welcome to the Smuts' home on the internet! Peruse the fancy new site to find out all you ever wanted to know... or never wanted to know about these three rowdy young men.

Who can resist their debonair style and their handsome grins? Few can withstand their charm. And I'm sure you can't either.



Most Recent News: 04/13/2k3- well it has been forever and a day since this page was updated so theres a few things to talk about. we are setting up a short summer florida tour with the almighty monistats from gainesville florida. check them out at we are shooting for july or so but that may change so check back if you wanna see us. next our friends at peephole records are putting out a compilation including the likes of the queers, beatnik termites and squirt gun. also featured will be a ton of awesome smaller bands like the prozacs, the norma jeans (featuring memebers of the dickies. so i guess it makes them not that small?) and yours truely. check back for more info on that. also local shows are starting back up again for us after a short hiatus. book us now or fucking die. as for the us memebers rj is still swank as ever, tommy still loves young girls, and yes dj still has an afro. thaks for reading. keep rock n roll alive!


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