Someone For Me

I'm here alone on a Friday night
Waiting here beside the phone
The TV, radio and me
Really ain't been getting along

I wish that I could fly away
And party till the break of day
And there I'd be sure to meet
The guy that would be special to me

Then mama comes and asks me
Why am I dreaming sitting alone?
Why not go out and have some fun
It's the only way I'll ever find
Someone for me
While I am young and seventeen

Someone for me
Someone for me
I've got to go find someone, someone
Someone for me
I've got to find someone, Yeah!

Now here's a party down at Angie's house
With people packed against the wall
I'm sitting in the corner here
Trying to make some sense of it all

And when I least expect it
Meeting the guy I see in my dreams
Here he is walking up to me and asking
If I'd like to come and dance with him
I think I've found someone for me

Repeat Chorus

And so I'm finding out that dreams you believe in
Can come to be
And now I'm looking up to find the joy and happiness
Can come to you and me
At last I've found someone for me

Repeat Chorus