He wasn・t man enough

Darkchild, oh yeah
Toni Braxton, oh
Ha-ha, uh-huh
Yeah, uh, uh
Darkchild yeah
Listen girl
Who do you think I am?
Don・t you know that he was my man?
But I chose to let him go
So why do you act like I still care about him?
Looking at me like I・m hurt
When I・m the one who said I didn・t want it to work
Don・t you forget I had him first?

* What you thinkin・?
Stop playing me
He wasn・t man enough for me
If you don・t know now here・s chance
I・ve already had your man
Do you wonder just where he・s been, yeah?
Not be worried about him
Now it・s time you know the truth
I think he・s just the man for you

** What are you thinking?
Do you know about us back them?
Do you know about your husband, girlfriend?
I・m not thinking .bout him
But you married him
Do you know I made him leave?
Do you know he begged to stay with me?
He wasn・t man enough for me

Listen girl
Didn・t he tell you the truth?
If not then why don・t you ask him?
The maybe you can be more into him
Instead of worrying about me
And hopefully you won・t find
All the reasons why his love didn・t count
And why we couldn・t work it out

[Repeat *]

[Repeat ** , **]

Oh yeah
So many reasons why are love is through, yeah
What makes you think he・ll be good to you, no
It makes no sense cause he will never change
Girl you better recognize the game, oh yeah

[Repeat **] till fade