SITE MAYBE CLOSING!!!I have been thinking about closing my site because it gets no traffic, I don't really write much anymore, maybe because of lacking interest, or maybe I'm just a bum, either way my work isn't wonderful. Isa Belle, if you get in contact with me, I'll find someone to host you. Unless I see a major change, then this site is gone...Which is fine. Just let me know at, Thanks! If I still don't get word by the end of June, I'm closing.

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UPDATED: JULY 2nd, 2002 @ 9:30:Click to see Updates Anyone wanting to be informed of updates email me at with Updates as the subject and I will add you. Thanks!

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REST IN PEACE BABY GIRL. In Loving Memory Of Aaliyah Dana Haughton

Welcome to my Backstreet Boys Fan Fiction page. Be sure to SIGN THE GUEST BOOK. Also I am interesting in hosting so just email me, and maybe I can help you out. I already have one hosted story up. I update her story whenever she sends me new stuff. I have 2 complete stories, and 5 or 6 running, sorry people it's early so I am kind of out of it. Well anyway Thanks, that's all for now, enjoy the rest of the page. Or what ever I have had the chance to get up

You can IM me at MyninaWriter (NOTE:NEW SCREEN NAME, PLEASE DO NOT USE THE OTHER ONE, I CREATED THIS ONE FOR THE SITE, WHEN I FEEL LIKE TALKING ABOUT THE SITE I WILL LOG ON UNDER THIS NAME. THANK YOU) if you would like to talk to me. But Please don't come and be a rude little snot, if you don't like my site LEAVE, I am not forcing you to stay. Otherwise stay and enjoy some fan fiction.

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