Hi! Woohoo! Finally this page is working! Ok, I'm Dee and, with any luck, will be my fan-fic site dedicated to Kevin Richardson.

I do want you to know, this site will be a little different if only for one reason: The female characters will ALWAYS be women of Color.

I've read a lot of great fan-fics out there. Some of which I think should be on the big screen, but Kevin is ALWAYS with some long legged, Blonde haired, Blue-eyed beauty. I'd like to read something about someone like me for a change. I couldn't find anything like that, I decided to write some myself, lol.

Below (if this works right) you'll find links to some stories i'm working on. I'm new to all of this...well doing a website, anyway. I've written before, but I've always hid my stuff or trashed it, kinda nervous about you all reading it, but feedback is always appreciated. You can holla at me at the link below. The Links below (when I'm done setting things up) will take you to the Stories, Links I think are cool, the Guestbook, which you can sign, you know, if you want to, since you're here and all...

Standard disclaimer rules apply. I don't know Kevin, any of the boys, anyone at Jive, The Firm, I don't know anyone who KNOWS anyone so don't write me asking for info...I got bupkiss, nada, goose egg! And don't steal my stories! I'm evil, wicked mean and nasty...and those are my GOOD POINTS!


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