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Wango Tango 2001


June 17, 2001

Wow! I just got home from the KIIS-FM Wango Tango concert at Dodger Stadium. What a fantastic night! The brothers were the closing act of the two day Wango Tango concert event. The Bee Gees went on at nearly 9:00 PM after a full afternoon lineup of performances. The sky had just become dark and the crowd began chanting Bee Gees-Bee Gees-Bee Gees... as the stage was loaded with the sound equipment. Finally, the Gibbs walked on stage to the huge roar of the crowd. It was a very mixed crowd with both young and old, but mostly teenagers and their response to the Bee Gees was surprisingly enthusiastic. All of the other acts during the day including Aerosmith were limited to 4-5 songs for their sets, but something in the air was saying the Bee Gees were in for a dominating closing performance...and it was. They jumped right into the first song as they took their places on stage, the opening song being "This Is Where I Came In". They followed it up with these songs:

I've Gotta Get A Message To You
To Love Somebody
Lonely Days
I Started A Joke
Man In The Middle
She Keeps On Coming
Night Fever/More Than A Woman
How Deep Is Your Love
Jive Talkin'
Stayin' Alive
You Should Be Dancing

All of the songs received a rousing applause, but it was the latter half of the set that received the biggest ovation. When the SNF songs were performed the entire stadium was on their feet clapping, singing, dancing and being whipped into a frenzy. Finally, as the show was closing and the last chords of "You Should Be Dancing" were being played, the Bee Gees were thanking the audience and entertaining the crowd with antics when suddenly the sky lit up above Dodger Stadium with a tremendous display of fireworks. It was a spectacular end to the entire performance and the crowd responded with a thunderous roar of approval. This was the third Bee Gees concert that I have attended and even though it was not a full set list or just the Bee Gees alone, it was the most fun I have had because the atmosphere was so festive and the crowd was right behind the Bee Gees the whole way through to the dazzling end.

Jeff Wells, Los Angeles USA 


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