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Gibb Family 2

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Bee Gees families Gibb Kids Spencer Gibb 54 Seconds Stephen Gibb 58 Linda Gibb Yvonne Gibb Dwina Gibb Molly Gibb wives Melissa Gibb Steve Gibb  Steven Adam Gibb Samantha Gibb Sam Gibb Luna Park Gibb Children Ali Alexandra

MARRIAGES GALORE: Stephen Gibb married his girlfriend Gloria Levas on November 7th, and Ashley Gibb married his fiancée of two years, Theresa Halmann on 9th November. Both ceremonies were in Miami.

  SPENCER GIBB: (November 1st)
Spencer's band 54 Seconds, has completed their new album "Coma".
Spencer Gibb - 2000The band is currently working on the special features of the CD which will contain rare MP3s and song information, plus Jen White's short film "Low Light", which covers the making of one song on the new record. The full length documentary covering the making of the whole Coma album, will be released at a later date (hopefully).
The new sound is ambient, intimate, and seriously creative!! It's very melodic, and keyboard driven, with beautiful lyrics, lots of airy, soothing harmonies, strings, trumpets, and quirky effects in between. They also recorded another EP, but they are not sure when or if they will release it. It is called "Memoirs of the Superficially Happy", and is equally amazing!!!
Check the official online Journal (written by Spencer) for the latest!
Four new audio clips are available at the website which has been updated!!
Spencer received special thanks on buddy Johnny Goudie's latest CD 18 Unreleased Home Demos 1996-2001

BGQ will have the new album details and new photos of Spencer in their next double issue (43/44), and also the following issue 45. Subscribe to BGQ today!

A couple of months ago, Spencer was the highlight of a Bob Dylan tribute at Jupiter Records: 
"In fact, from what I hear, Spencer Gibb's rendition of the rather obscure Eric Clapton/Dylan gem "Sign Language" at Jupiter Records' raucous Dylan wingding on Friday may have been better than the whole of Sunday's show." Austin Chronicle.

Spencer is doing really well! One of his fans (Caroilin), caught up with him, and bandmate Stewart Cochran in Austin, Texas (Mid-June, and Spencer was in full promotional mode, laughing and chatting about the new album, and the band's future plans.

Samantha & Laz - Jan 2000
Photo: Elisabetta Mettuno

Samantha and Adam's Miami based band is called "Harlot". 
Archived news: In BGQ (Issue # 39), there was a great feature and interview with Samantha & Adam. It talked about the renaming of their band "Luna Park" to "Scylla". The name change for the band came about after Adam decided that performing live was not for him. Adam is still heavily involved in the writing and producing of the group. 
Scylla's sound is more electric/alternative. Some tracks even have a Latin feel. Some comparisons can be made with Garbage & Portishead.
The band members are:  Samantha Gibb (vocals); Laz Rodriguez (guitar); Nick Sallons (bass); Chris Marro (drums).

L-R: Stephen, Spencer & Sturgis Nikides, - 1994 AGMF
For more photos from this cruise  see Karen's Photo page
Also some video captures can be found at Poppyseed


Adam Spencer & Steve - Middle Ear Studios
Photo: Elisabetta Mettuno

courtesy of Diana - RingsAroundTheMoon
Ally's christening.

Young Families
L-R: Linda, Barry, Stephan, Molly, Robin, Maurice, Adam, Yvonne. 
(Thanks to Joyce Vest for helping to Identify everyone in this pic .:o)
Dwina & Robin - On Heaven & Earth (UK program)
Barbara, Andy and Beri
Barbara Gibb, Andy and Beri
Courtesy of Kristi Shadrick
Mo, Yvonne and Adam 1978

Robin & Dwina
Photo: Georgette Hodson
Courtesy of Kel
Peta Gibb


Courtesy of Heather Howe: Las Vegas 1997
Spencer and Robin - Las Vegas 1997 - Courtesy of Heather Howe. Please visit Heather's websites
L-R Dwina, Santa (Robin) and Robin John


andy_kim.jpg (20700 bytes)
Andy & Kim


and_m_d70s.jpg (27312 bytes)
Andy with His mum & dad
 (Hugh & Barbara)
andyberi.jpg (13741 bytes)
L-R: Barbara, Andy, Beri & Hugh Gibb
Barry & Linda Barry, Linda & Andy
    Just Daddy.jpg (33518 bytes)
Barry & Aly
bar_linmarch99.jpg (20269 bytes)
Barry & Linda - Bronte Beach
( Sydney, Australia)
Andy and Linda
Andy & Linda
Photo: Georgette Hodson
Barry & Andy
Big Brother advice!


Who is Beri Gibb? Beri (Bernice Gibb) is the Bee Gees niece.  Beri was very close to the Gibbs. Andy (and Beri herself), often referred to her as his sister. 



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    NEWS: Steven is currently working with Barry Gibb on a new metal album -- I think.

    There are NEW PHOTOS of Steve on Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society Website. Check the On Tour page, also check the June 23 show in Anaheim, and Daan Jobsis photos from the June 3rd show in Amsterdam.

    NOTE* It is hard for me to keep track of Stephen's career. If you would like to contribute, please email me and I will credit your name to any information and links. I only know of three songs Stephen has written, which are below. I have never heard these, but I have no doubt they'd be good!

    • Whiskey Jam (1991)
    • Shadow of Your Dreams (1991 - Gibb/Forth/Kose)
    • Hole In My Soul (1996)

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    58: Diet For A New America


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