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I  M  M  O  R  T  A  L  I  T  Y


Alan Kendal - Mystery Man!!!


This page is dedicated to my BG friends Katie, Allie &  Dale, who all drool over this long time Bee Gees musician. Okay, he's not a Bee Gee, but he almost is!

It's extremely hard to find good pictures of Alan. he is usually in the background, and even when you zoom in, the pictures are distorted. If you would like to add your Alan pictures to this page, just email them to me, and I will credit your name to them.

Hi Julie, Thought you might be interested in the attached photo. Alan Kendall (far left) with Kris Ryan & the Strangers (later Questions). It was taken April 5th 1963 at the co-op hall Darwen, Lancashire, England where we were support band to Nero & the Gladiators, also in photo. Big deal! Rest of the band: Tony Holgate, Peter Shoesmith, Trevor Catlow & myself Pete Hibbert.

Even then we knew Alan was something special (I'm even looking up to him on the photo) but we never expected he would reach the heights he has.

Thank you to Peter Hibbert for this photograph, and information on the mysterious Alan Kendall :o) 



Children Of The World album



These two photographs below, are courtesy of Diana Hesse. 
They were taken at Middle Ear Studios 8th March, 2000
8 March 2000 - Diana Hesse 8 March, 2000 - Diana Hesse



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These photos are courtesy of Trish Voshell, and were all taken at the BG2K rehearsal, on 30th December, 1999.



 28 Dec, 1999 - Courtesy of Diana Hesse  Alan - 1989 - House Of Shame Alan - 1989 - House Of Shame Alan - 1989 - You Should Be Dancing

ONO Tourbook Aug 1999 - Courtesy of Diana Hesse Courtesy of Alice Kincade



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