Deborah Gibson - 'Out Of The Blue'


Below is a table, which covers the important items towards acquiring a complete Deborah Gibson track collection. A few notes before we begin.

This list has been compiled based on trying to get as many tracks on CD as possible. Some tracks are impossible to get on CD officially, which necessitates listing some vinyl releases.

All releases on the below list are either US, Australian, UK, German, or Japanese.

On the pages for single releases (as well as a couple of albums and a couple of the various releases), you'll notice color-coded asterisks marking whether a track is an "exclusive" track or a "non-exclusive, needed" track. This doesn't count tracks which are available on a regular pressing of an album.

Single Title
Important Releases
Only In
My Dreams
US/Australia 7"* US 12"
Shake Your
US/Australia 12"**
Out Of
The Blue
US/Australia 7" US Promo 12"***
US/Australia 12" UK/Germany/Australia 3" CD
Japan 3" CD UK 3" CD US 12"
Lost In
Your Eyes
UK/Germany/Australia 3" CD
UK/Germany 3" CD US CD US double 12" promo
US promo CD UK 7" promo
No More
Japan 3" CD
We Could Be
US promo CD UK/Germany/Australia 3" CD
Japan 3" CD****
Anything Is
UK/Germany CD US promo CD US 12"
Japan 3" CD*****
One Hand,
One Heart
Japan 3" CD
One Step
US promo CD US 12" promo testpressing
In His
Both tracks on this single are available on the "Anything Is Possible" album. For a track collector, this single is not needed.
US promo CD US double 12" promo US 12"
Australia CD
Eyes Of
The Child
This single is needed only if you don't already own either the Japanese "Body Mind Soul" album or the Japanese "Greatest Hits" album.
Shock Your
Japan 3" CD
How Can
This Be?
For a track collector, this item is not needed because this is a one-track promo CD (and the one track is the album version)
Free Me
US 12" promo testpressing
For Better
Or Worse
This single is needed only if you don't already own the Japanese pressing of "Think With Your Heart"
Didn't Have
The Heart
US promo CD
US CD US double 12" promo
For a track collector, this single isn't needed if you already have the "Only Words" single and the "Deborah" album
Only In
My Dreams
Japan 3" CD
You Belong
To Me
With All
My Heart
(only issued to fan club members; only 1000 copies pressed)
What You
US 2-track promo CD US promo 12" (with mix not available on the "M.Y.O.B." album)
Your Secret
US CD single
The One
For a track collector, this single isn't needed if you already have the "M.Y.O.B." album
Christmas Without You
US 1-track promo CD******
Digital download from iTunes (US or UK)*******

* =        "Only In My Dreams" (Vocal) can be found on CD on
        two compilations: "Totally '80s" and "Only Rock 'N Roll #1 Radio
        Hits 1985-1989"; the "Extended Club Mix" that appears on the "Only
        In My Dreams" 12" is not the same one that appears on the "Greatest
        Hits" album
        Return to Only In My Dreams entry.
** =       The "Vocal/Club Mix" can be acquired on CD on
        either on the UK 3" CD single of "Shake Your Love," or on the US
        or Japanese pressing of "Greatest Hits."  The "Bassa Pella" mix
        can be acquired on CD on the Japanese remix compilation,
        "Super-Mix Club"
        Return to Shake Your Love entry.
*** =      The "Club Mix" is available on CD on a 3" CD
        available in the UK, Germany, and Australia.  The "Drumapella"
        can be acquired on CD on the Japanese remix compilation,
        "Super-Mix Club."  Also, the only place to find the "Radio Mix"
        is on the US 12" promo.
        Return to Out Of The Blue entry.
**** =     I only list the Japanese 3" CD because this is the only
        pressing where you can also get the "Without You"
        Return to Without You entry.
***** =    Another CD you can find The edit of "(This So-Called)
        Miracle" on is the US promo CD.
        Return to (This So-Called) Miracle entry.
****** =   This track can also be found on one of the
        following compilation CDs: "20 Christmas Stars Vol. VII" and
        "40 Christmas Stars, VOl. 4."
        Return to Christmas Without You entry.
******* =  The digital download single has a track not available
        on the one-track commercial CD single.
        Return to Naked entry.

Of course, a complete Deborah Gibson track collection requires having all the albums. But which pressings of the albums? Most will be US, unless otherwise indicated:

And it also requires the following:

Also look for the following videos:

There are also believed to be promotional-only videotapes containing the following videos:

  • Shake Your Love - Remix
  • Out Of The Blue - Club Mix
  • (This So-Called) Miracle
  • One Hand, One Heart
  • Losin' Myself
  • Someday (a Chris Cuevas song she guested on)
  • You're The One That I Want

It is known that there are promotional-only videotapes for "Shock Your Mama" and "For Better Or Worse." Additionally, with the possible exception of the two remix videos above, these are likely all one-track videotapes; the remix videos could be on individual tapes, or could be combined with the original videos on the same tape.

This should cover it. Books, posters, shirts, and other types of memorabilia are not covered here, because it would get really out of hand.

Anyone with further information can write me and let me know.

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