Deborah Gibson - 'Out Of The Blue'


When I first heard the song "Only in My Dreams" during the summer of 1987, I knew I liked it, but had no idea who did the song. When "Shake Your Love" came out, I heard who did that song... and for a while, I didn't like the song! Mainly, though, this was due to the fact that "Shake Your Love" was overplayed at the time (I remember riding the school bus, and how the radio was always on the Top 40 station... and I clearly remember how it seemed as if "Shake Your Love" was being played EVERY DAY!) It wasn't until the third single (the title track for Out Of The Blue) was released until I became a fan of Deborah Gibson. And just a couple of months later, my parents gave me the Out Of The Blue cassette for my 13th birthday. The next year, for my 14th birthday, I went down to a local music store and bought Deborah's second album, Electric Youth, with some birthday money that I had. For Christmas of 1990, my sister bought me the Anything Is Possible CD (Deborah's third album). And just a few weeks after Christmas of 1992, I bought Deborah's fourth album Body Mind Soul on CD.

After Body Mind Soul, I hadn't heard anything about Deborah Gibson for two years. However, during February of 1995, I was logged on to a local computer bulletin board system and was reading the posts in the Majornet Music Forum, when I saw a particular post that caught my eye. It was from someone going by the handle of "The Electric Youth"... this individual posted that Deborah was currently working on her fifth album and that it was due to be released later that year. I wrote to that person, and they told me how I could access on-line information about Deborah Gibson by writing to the fan club's email address at America On-Line. I did, and I was told about how to access the information: the Between the Lines electronic newsletter (a newsletter devoted to Deborah Gibson and her music), the Electric News mailing list (a mailing list for fans to post news concerning Deborah Gibson), the Anything Is Possible mailing list (a mailing list devoted to on-line debate and discussion of Deborah Gibson and her music), and the Usenet newsgroup devoted to Deborah Gibson ( gibson).

BTW, I bought Deborah's fifth album, Think With Your Heart, when it was released to stores on July 4th, 1995... (and interesting to note: I also bought the Foo Fighters' self-titled CD the same day... :))

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