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Hi and welcome to CherylTweedy(dot)TK - my website dedicated to the lovely Cheryl Tweedy Cole and Girls Aloud. Here you'll find pretty much anything you need to know about Cheryl, Girls Aloud and their music. There's lots of different sections so make sure you have a good look around and I'm sure you'll find something you like :)

CherylTweedy(dot)TK opened in January 2003 and was one of the first Cheryl fansites on the net. Pictures with CherylTweedy(dot)TK across them are items that belong to me and me only, so please don't take them. Thanks!

29/08/08 - Hi guys, I'm really sorry to announce it but CherylTweedy.TK is closing down. I just don't have the time to update regularly. There's other great sites out there where you can get your daily dosage of the girls; Girls Aloud Media is a great place for the latest news. I will leave the site up as long as I can but it'll no longer be updated. I'd just like to thank everyone for visiting the site over the past five and a half years, I've really enjoyed doing it. Make sure you're all watching Cheryl on the X-Factor on Saturdays, and keep supporting the girls!

Lots of love,

05/08/08 - The girls had a run in with a drunken stalker! Read the article HERE.

31/07/08 - There's a few images of the 2009 calendar up on the Danilo site... and the girls look amazing! Click HERE to see them. There's also an article about the possibility of the girls doing another ITV2 show HERE.

17/07/08 - Acording to the Daily Star, the girls are set to star in a Bebo teen soap. Read the story HERE.

06/07/08 - There's a story in today's News of the World about Cheryl and Dannii Minogue arguing on the X-Factor... read it HERE.

05/07/08 - Yes I know... I've been rubbish lately! Today I've updated the News section with a few stories, added my photos from the "Tangled Up" tour in Cardiff to the Personal Pice section, updated the 2008 Tour page and updated the Story So Far. Phew! :)

30/06/08 - Happy birthday Cheryl! x

16/06/08 - Keisha from the Sugababes is not impressed with Cheryl being appointed an X-Factor judge. Read the article HERE.

13/06/08 - There's an article HERE about Cheryl's first day as an X-Factor judge.

13/06/08 - I've added 3 new stories to the News page, including Cheryl becoming the new judge on the X-Factor! The girls are also on the front cover of this week's "Hello" magazine, with a tour special inside.

CherylTweedy(dot)TK is owned by Jade and opened in January 2003.

This is an unofficial website and is in no way affiliated with Cheryl, Girls Aloud, their families or management.

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