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Hey guess what, i decided to move, pretty crazy huh, well i have to apologize for kinda just ditchin this site, but i've been goin through a lot lately and i've had trouble finding time for myself, a website was even a consideration. I'm kinda sad, cuz i decided to come back about a week ago and i've lost a lot of my html knowledge, i find myself questioning tags and all and its like "wow, i can't believe its been like a year". ANYWAYZ, im ranting again which is BAD, and i just wanted to say


So, if u'd like to see the NEW site, if anyone even visits this page anymore, its

There ya go, and don't be surprised, not EVERYTHING is up yet, which is sad cuz i have had a year, but i haven't worked on it like EVER. don't hate me, i LOVE you! chiao!


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