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Following their triumphant homecoming show (under the pseudonym Situation Vacant - it's a long story) at the Felipop festival last month, Bronco Bullfrog and their label Rock Indiana have announced no less than eleven Spanish dates in November as part of Rock Indiana's Autumn Almanac festivities. Every year since 2002, the label has sent it's bands off on a package tour around Spain with different acts playing in different towns and special guests joining in the fun along the way. The 2004 tour which features Bronco Bullfrog, Sweet Apple Pie, The Shannons, The Nominees and Bombones promises to be the biggest yet.
Here are the dates so far:

  • 03/11/04 - Valladolid (venue TBC)
  • 04/11/04 - Burgos, Carmen 13
  • 05/11/04 - Bilbao, Bilborock
  • 06/11/04 - (TBC)
  • 07/11/04 - (TBC)
  • 08/11/04 - (TBC)
  • 10/11/04 - Madrid, Moby Dick (22:00)
  • 11/11/04 - Torres de Cotillas - Murcia ,Retrodelia
  • 12/11/04 - Valencia, Matisse (22:00)
  • 13/11/04 - Tarragona, Zero
  • 14/11/04 - Castellůn, Ricoamor (21:00)


Oak Apple Day

Yes, the first pressing of Oak Apple Day has officially sold out at source within just four months of it's release date in April! The last copy was sold at the Felipop festival last month. Rock Indiana are re-issuing the album immediately.

"Like a bottle of fine wine, these English gents keep getting better with age as their fourth album, Oak Apple Day, would attest. The band boasts three ready, willing, and able tunesmiths in Andy Morten, Louis Wiggett and Michael Poulson, and their songwriting, which had lacked a bit of cohesiveness on earlier efforts, is as tight as a drum here. Try to picture The Monkees playing cricket with The Byrds, with Teenage Fanclub waiting to play the winner and that will effectively describe Oak Apple Day. Itís filled with classic pop songs with liberal doses of jangle, harmony, Michael Poulsonís candy-coated (in a good way) vocals and the kind of good feeliní that harkens back to the American Top 40 as it was in the early Ď70s.
Songs like "I Donít Need The Sunshine", "Wrong Things Right" and "I Got The Rain" are bright, happy, and full of optimism, which is something we could all use plenty of these days. "Mock Orange Innocence" is a nice hybrid of power pop and psychedelia and should be considered a classic of the genre. "New Day Way" builds on a sort of "Michael Row The Boat Ashore" melody line and adds warmth and harmony. "Youíre My Head" is a bit like Rare Earth meets Raspberries and features some amphetamine-fuelled drumming by Morten while Morten lends some fine lead vocal chops on the albumís closing cut, the touching, alt-country ballad, "Litmus Paper Suit".
Congratulations lads, youíve really done it this time!
- David Bash ~ www.shindig-magazine.com ~ June 24th, 2004

What People Did Before TV

"British Pop Songs as they used to be.
Gathered from material recorded between 1997 and 2002, this collection represents what much of pop has recently lost sight of: melodies, lyrics and performance all working together in an uplifting way.
The Bullfrogs feature a drummer, Andy Morton (sic), who writes most of the songs, with all members singing enthusiastically with unison harmonies. Their strength is perhaps best in the song lyrics, which evoke a timeless British youth of climbing trees, balls over fences, Sunday lunches with gravy boats and being home in time for tea. Musically though itís all delivered in a happy guitar jangle that will raise smiles from modern fans and those old enough to remember the sixties excitement.
Most importantly though, these are complete songs that improve with repeated listening, that make it well worth the attention to the discerning punters who still care for such things."
- Kingsley Abbott, Record Collector magazine, July 2004

"It's deceptively difficult to write songs in a band that manage to act as a both a revisionist nod towards the past whilst simultaneously appearing as though they emerged from the present, and yet Rev-Ola 'Now-Sound' fledglings Bronco Bullfrog, named after the gritty working-class East End film of 1969, pull off the task miraculously. The brilliantly-named compilation What People Did Before TV, a collection of the stronger cuts from their previous albums, is a delicious introduction to anyone unsure of the wonders Bronco Bullfrog behold. Whereas fellow Rev-Ola labelmates the Wondermints funnel their sixties fixation through a mixing pot of Brian Wilson, Burt Bacharach and Scott Walker, Bronco Bullfrog are their British counterparts, instead channeling their creative angle through such sixties Britpop as mid-point Beatles, The Hollies and Jeff Beck.
Not bad for a three-piece who, despite a welcome following in Europe, are virtually unknown to most hip consumers of UK music. Lead singer Michael Poulson certainly has a Graham Nash tone to his vocal delivery, which helps accentuate the mid-sixties aesthetic. The psychedelia leanings are well observed, with a heavy-dose of power-pop-rock thrown in to add further edge. As this is a compilation, some of the recordings will obviously have a different tone to others, and the fact that Toe Rag studioman Liam Watson, more famously the man who produced The White Stripes' latest sell-out, suggests that the band are keen to reconstruct arcaic recording techniques to further drive home that revisionist sound.
Still, there are some fine slices of retro-rock on offer here by Bronco Bullfrog. "One Day With Melody Love" sounds as if it were broadcast direct from a 1967 radio station, whilst "Down Angel Lane" has a warm rock sound that suitably drives the vocal. There's even a thundering rhythm and bass solo midway through. "Blow Yourself Up" is a smouldering, pounding rock number complete with sixties' distortion, whilst the mainly acoustic-driven multi-harmonied "Sweet Tooth" suggests a more mature side from the band.
On the whole, What People Did Before TV is a fine package that certainly sixties-pop fans will savour. As the music industry seems intent to kill off the growth of singer-songwriters with their quick-buck mentality, it's bands such as Bronco Bullfrog that we really should be championing."
- Raphael Pour-Hashemi ~ www.cdtimes.co.uk ~ 20th June


After several delays, the Teenage Fanclub tribute album is now available from Not Lame in the United States, Houston Party in Spain and Wizzard in Japan.
The album includes the Broncos' version of "I'll Make It Clear" from the Fannies' Grand Prix album as well as contributions from Redd Kross, The Shazam, Captain Soul, The Andersons, Cloud Eleven, Chewy Marble, The Mockers and a whole heap of others.
Click here ~ www.notlame.com ~ to order the album.

What A Concept!


Since it's release in October, the band's home-made, self-released Emporium Days album has been selling fast and attracting great reviews. They've just done another pressing of the CD which is available now from the following retailers:

UK - Heyday Mail Order ~ www.heyday-mo.com ~
USA - Not Lame Records ~ www.notlame.com ~
USA - Kool Kat Music ~ www.koolkatmusik.com ~
Spain - Pop Madrid ~ www.popmadrid.com ~
Australia - Off The Hip ~ www.offthehip.com.au ~


"I Got The Rain" from Oak Apple Day appears on Rock Indiana's 10ļ Aniversario sampler CD while The Broncos' former label Mushroom Pillow have included "History" on their The 45 Section Volume 2 sampler.


Renowned Spanish musician/singer/songwriter Miguel Angel Villanuera's new album, cut in 2002 with Louis on bass and Andy on drums, will no longer be released on Rock Indiana. Miguel plans to release the album himself on his own label in the summer.

Photo by Gitte


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