B A R E F O O T  J E R R Y


"Barefoot Jerry"
(Warner Bros BS 2641 1972)

11. Castle Rock
12. One Woman
13. In God We Trust
14. Message
15. Friends

16. Snuff Queen
17. Little Maggie
18. Warm
19. Fish 'n Tits
20. Ain't It Nice in Here
21. Ebenezer

Wayne Moss: bass, guitar, organ, vocals, production
Russ Hicks: steel guitar, vocals
John Harris: keyboards, vocals
Kenny Malone: drums, percussion, vibes

plus Bobby Thompson, Buddy Spicher, Dulin Lancaster

"The Goodlettsville String Sextet"
Buddy Spicher
Russ Hicks
Wayne Moss
John Harris

"The Hendersonville Horns"
Russ Hicks
John Harris
John Moss
Wayne Moss

Recorded at Cinderella Sound, Madison TN
Iced Tea and Goodies courtesy of Aunt Lucy