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Cutout Text on a Graphic
Using a mask to make a header.
Making a Picture Tube from a Graphic
Making a Bar for Your Webpage Set
Making a transparent GIF
Picture Frames Part A
Picture Frames Part B
Picture Frames Part C
Flood Fill w/PSP7
Under Construction
Under Construction
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         This site was started on May 17, 2000 by the suggestion of a friend who wanted to learn how to do simple things to make a background set of her own. Here are a few tutorials to get you started... just remember that tutorials are not my strong point so if it is not clear or you have a question feel free to E-Mail me.

          Something to keep in mind is that all but the Flood Fill for PSP 7 were written for PSP 6. In some cases you will still be able to do the same things in 7. If you run into any problems email me.

         If you have a PSP tutorial that would be good for beginners and would be willing to let me use it here with a link back to your site please E-Mail me. Thanks!