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 Free Download of Various Fonts

Marathi Lekhani Font :
This font works according to the keyboard of English typewriter. When English letter k is typed, Marathi letter k appears on screen. When letters n a g p u r are typed, Marathi word nagpur comes into existance. There are some exceptions. English letters are only 26 in number. But Marathi letters (original, complex, joint) require more keys. Hence exceptions are there. Joint letters (Jodakshar, Samyukta Akshar) are created by using ALT button. Alt plus four digit number gives you particular complex letter . Please go through character map for clarification.

Marathi Lekhani is available on internet free of cost. Please visit Mr. Y. V. Sathaye's website and download the font. After unzipping, the font is ready for installation.
This font is also available at following place.

Various fonts having same keyboard are available. Marathi Sharada, Marathi Saras, Marathi Tirkas, Marathi Kanak, Marathi Pankaj, Marathi Roupya, Marathi Vakra.

Tips for Devanagari Website :

(1) Typesetting : Please use Netscape Composer for creating Hindi Marathi webpage. Its Encoding should be User Defined. Open View Menu of Netscape Composer and set the Encoding as User Defined. Your webpage should have following line in the Head section.
<META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html; charset=x-user-defined">
Observe the webpage through Netscape Navigator and Internet Explorer. Compare the typesetting of Devanagari words.
MS Word 97 for Hindi Marathi Typesetting : You will face a typical problem of capitalization while using MS Word 97. First letter of sentence automatically becomes capital, which is unwanted for Marathi Lekhani Font. Capital letter means half alphabet in case of Marathi Lekhani. To solve this problem, please open Tools Menu of MS Word. Select Auto Correct button, then again Auto Correct tab. Uncheck the following checkbox: "Capitalize first letter of sentences".
(2) Supporting Downloads : Make arrangements for easy download of Netscape Navigator and Hindi Marathi Fonts. Give instructions in two or more languages. Give list of useful websites by using hyperlinks.
(3) Encoding of Browser : Give instructions about encoding. Following are the guidelines for viewers.
To set proper encoding, open View Menu and click Encoding. It should be either Western ISO-8859-1 or User Defined. Please test both of these and select appropriate encoding.
English Website : Encoding should be Western ISO-8859-1.
Devanagari Website : Encoding should be User Defined.

Technical Experiences
Tests of fonts and browsers. Webpage having Marathi Lekhani font was tested on three popular browsers :
(1)Netscape Navigator (2)Internet Explorer (3)Opera.

Useful Websites :
Tips for webpage making
Webmonkey Webmonkey has some great advice and tips on different topics relating to Website promotion. There are online lessons on various aspects of website making.

 Netscape is more suitable for Marathi Websites

Netscape Navigator 4.05, 6.2 and 7.0 :
Marathi Devnagari words are better arranged in Netscape Navigator. In Internet Explorer 4.0 and 5.0, Marathi words get dissected. There are unwanted divisions of Marathi words in MS Explorer and MS Wordpad. Additional technical information is available at following webpage.

Netscape Navigator is available in the C.D. of Computers at Home and PC Quest magazines. Upgraded versions are supplied from time to time. In February 2002, Netscape Navigator 6.2 was made available.

Netscape's website also offers free download of its products. In September 2002, Netscape Navigator 7.0 was available on the website.

 Netscape is more suitable for Marathi Websites

Please install Marathi Lekhani and Marathi Sharada fonts to read Hindi Marathi content. Please change the ENCODING, if alphabets are not proper. Open "View" menu, click "Encoding". It should be one of the following : Western ISO 8859-1 or User Defined. Test both of these and select appropriate encoding. Click here for technical information on browsers.

ne3Skep neiVhge3r �ma.k �|��, �|� Aai` �|� :
ne3Skep neiVhge3r m@ye mra#I xBd jaSt idstat| may�osa�F3 [.3rne3 0KsPlorr �ma.k �|� Aai` �|� m@ye yoGy A9rju;v`I hot nahI Aai` mra#I xBda.ce tukDe tukDe zalele idstat| ne3Skep neiVhge3r m@ye mra#I xBd Aq.D idstat| Ai2k ta.i5k maihtIsa#I pu!Il vebpej phave|
ne3Skep neiVhge3r he sa�F3veAr sI|DI| m@ye Aai` vebsa[3vr ]plB2 Aahe| ve;ove;I su2airt sa�F3veArce sI|DI| Aai` vebsa{3 �are ivtr` kele jate| �ma.k �|�� Tyan.trce ]Tpadn vaprave| ne3SkepCya vebsa[3vr ]Tpadn �ma.k �|� ]plB2 Aahe| Da]nloDsa#I A2aR tas ve; lagto| [.S3a�lexn Mh`jec S4apnesa#IhI A2aR tas ve; lagto| ha kalq.D kmI jaSt ho} xkto| s.g`kacI kayR9mta, ma�Demca veg jaSt Asel tr ve; kmI lagel| ne3Skep vebsa[3 Aai` maiska.cI nave pu!Il p/ma`e Aahet : Search at the web site for free download. Computers @ Home, PC Quest Magazines' C.D.

mra#I leq`I fa>3 :
ha fa>3 [.g/jI 3a[pray3r p/ma`e calto| ye4e ]Ccarap/ma`e A9re ma.DlI Aahet| [.g/jI A9r ke 3a[p keLyavr mra#I A9r k pD�avr ]m3te| [.g/jI A9re 0n 0 jI pI yU Aar 3a[p keLyas mra#I xBd nagpur tyar hoto| ma5 ya.s kahI Apvad Aahet| [.g/jIt kev; sVvIs A9re AsLyane svR A9re ]Ccarap/ma`e ma.DlelI nahIt| ]dahr`a4R [.g/jI A9r DbLyU 3a[p keLyavr mra#I A9r w pD�avr ]m3te| k�reK3r m�p A4aRt A9ravlI paihLyavr he svR Sp*3 ho{l|

mra#I leq`I fa>3 [.3rne3vr ivnamULy ]plB2 Aahe| yac A9rju;v`Ice inrinra;e fa>3\s ]plB2 Aahet| mra#I xarda, mra#I srs, mra#I itrks, mra#I knk, mra#I p.kj, mra#I rOPy, mra#I v�| fa>3 Da]nloD kra, Anizp keLyavr [.S3a�l Mh`jec S4apn kra| fa>3 inmaRte &I yxv.t sa#ye.cI vebsa[3 Aai` S4aink fa>3 iDreK3rI pu!Il p/ma`e Aahe :
Y. V. Sathaye's Website.
Fonts' Directory.

Marathi Lekhani  Marathi Sharada  and many more.

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