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Non English Web Page Making Hindi Marathi Internet : Important Softwares
Old Data of January 2009

Free Download of Fonts :

Non English Webpage Making :
There are four methods :
(1) Webpage with downloadable fonts.
(2) Webpage with dynamic fonts.
(3) Webpage with unicode fonts.
(4) Webpage with p.d.f. files.

Non dynamic or non embedding fonts need to be installed manually (e.g. Marathi Lekhani).

Following are the problems associated with fonts: Some surfers do not install new fonts. Some computers have restrictions to install new software. Unicode fonts require multilanguage settings and browser encoding settings. In special purpose LANs, such settings and installations are not possible, because the computer machines (terminals) are different from general PC. Some cyber cafes and schools have old computers, which do not support unicode fonts. In such cases dynamic fonts are useful.

It is recommended to have dynamic webpages along with optional fonts' download facility. Installed fonts are helpful while working offline.

W.E.F.T. WEB EMBEDDING FONTS TOOL : WEFT can be downloaded from Microsoft's Website. WEFT is required to create EOT File of Dynamic Fonts. E.O.T. means "Embedded Open Type". Further details of dynamic fonts are available on the following websites.

Limitations of Dynamic Fonts :
(1) Some fonts are not dynamic and hence can not be used for embedding. WEFT clearly classifies them as "non embedding fonts".
(2) EOT file is suitable for Internet Explorer, which is a popular browser. But some computers have Netscape or Mozilla Browser, where EOT files become inactive. The "EOT" files are not suitable to older version of Mozilla Netscape. Instead of "EOT", the "PFR" files should be used. Otherwise Mozilla Netscape users will have to install the concerned fonts manually.
(3) The "EOT" files are not permitted by some servers e.g. Fortunecity. Hence dynamic webpages can not be created there.

PDF Portable Document Format :
PDF files can be printed by any computer irrespective of installed fonts. Only condition is that, the computer should have PDF reading software e.g. Acrobat Reader. PDF maintains original typesetting and design of the document. PDF-Creater software converts a file into PDF. Some office suits like Easy Office directly save a document as PDF., free web site submission and promotion to the search engines


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