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    below sat 4-15:

    Big day including a
    $350 exacta in the
    feature at Santa Anita



    race 6

    #5 cant make this up
    #7 clear surprise
    #2 sir maurice

    $1 ex bx 2-5-7
    .50 tri bx 2-5-7
    $4 bwps 2


    race 7

    #7 conquest enforcer
    #3 watertshed
    #4 scuba

    $10 wps 7
    $1 ex all with 7
    $2 ex bx 3-4-7
    .50 tri xb 3-4-7


    race 9

    #6 convict pike
    #10 west coast
    #3 senior investment
    #5 time to travel

    $1 ex bx 3-5-6-10
    .50 tri bx 3-5-6-10
    $10 wps 6
    $1 ex 3-5-10 with 6
    $1 ex 6 with 3-5-10
    $1 ex all with 6



    race 7

    #8 whitmore
    #3 moe candy
    #9 apprender

    $2 ex bx 3-8-9
    $1 tri bx 3-8-9
    $2 ex 3-9 with 8
    $4 ex 8 with 3-9
    $2 tri 8 with 3-9 with 3-9
    $1 tri 3-8-9 with 3-8-9 with 3-9
    $10 wps 9
    $$ ex 8-9
    $2 tri 8-3-9
    $2 ex all with 9


    race 11

    #12 malegacy
    #1 rockin rudy
    #4 petrov
    #2 classic empire

    $1 ex b x1-2-4-12
    .50 tri bx 1-2-4-12
    $1 ex -2-4-12 with 1
    $1 ex 1 with 2-4-12
    $1 vex bx 2-4-12
    .50 tri bx 1-2-4-12
    $5 wps 1
    .50 tri 2-12 with 1-2-4-12 with 1-2-4-12
    $5 win 4
    $2 tri 2-12 with 1-2-4-12



    race 7

    #4 power line
    #6 mad patriot
    #5 mongolian holiday

    $1 ex bx 4-5-6
    $5 wps 4

    race 9

    #8 command post
    #6 inevitable
    #7 hy brasil

    $1 ex bx 6-7-8
    $5 wps 8

    race 10

    #1 mach my day
    #7 easy to say

    $3 ex bx 1-7
    $3 ex 7-1
    $1 tri 7 with all with 1
    $% wps 1

    race 11

    #4 tommys top cat
    #5 no denial
    #6 expedient

    $2 ex bx 4-5-6
    .50 tri bx 4-5-6
    $5 wps 5
    $2 wps 4

    santa anita

    race 4

    #5 eastwood
    #4 lord somba

    $2 ex bx 4-5
    $4 win 5

    race 5

    #4 sleepin and cheating

    $2 wps 4


    race 10

    #6 patience ofa saint
    #7 insubordination
    '#10 salinet

    $1 ex bx 6-7-10
    $2 wps 6

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    • I won big money sat.. i guess we all did.. back to your hot ways.. thanks so much.. Ellen D. Jersey Girl:)
    • I have used your picks off and on for several years and I must say you really surprise me with some of these horses that look terrible in the form.. and you pick em.. sometimes I bet them..still can't figure out how you like some of them.. its weird..thanks.. Elliot S.C.
    • Thank you for the winners on Saturday I hit 4 of the 5 races I bet on and won over $600 bucks.. wow.. Chase_ Delaware.
    • I was hestitant to play your picks but my buddy insisted I check you out.. and I hit some nice races.. made moeny.. and tahts what its all about and I appreciate your email reply.. thanks.. Bruce..D.C
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