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Americans Against Racial Classification


The unwanted corollary of slotting people by race is that such officially sanctioned classifications may actually worsen racial strife. "It is not 'race' but a practice of racial classification that bedevils the society," writes Yehudi Webster, an American sociologist at California State University, Los Angeles, and the author of The Radicalization of America. The use of racial statistics, he and others have argued, creates a reality of racial divisions, which then require solutions, such as busing, affirmative action, and multicultural education, all of which are bound to fail, because they heighten the racial awareness that leads to contention. Webster believes that adding a "multiracial" box to the Native American, Asian-Pacific, black, and white racial options - and Hispanic ethnic option - in the racial self-identification section of the U.S. census, as some advocate, would be "another leap into absurdity," because it reinforces the concept of race. "in a way, it's a continuation of the one-drop principle. Anybody can say, 'I've got one drop of something - I must be multiracial.' It may finally convince Americans of the absurdity of racial classification."

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--But if you only consider that the country is not Black and White but just good or bad folks, then mabey you could understand that this is the MAJORITY of our country that lives like this, and that perpetuating SEPARATISM SEGREGATION or CLASSIFICATION is stalling Americas social perfection. ---THE EDITOR


If there are no races, what do we mean by “race relations?” As paradoxical as it may seem, “race” and race relations are not the issues to be addressed in the twenty-first century, if social scientists, legislators, humanists, and activists are committed to analytical depth, logical reasoning, and scholarly integrity. Contrary to W.E.B Dubois’ claim, neither “the color line,” nor “race” has ever been the problem of any century. The problem is racial classification—a practice in which Dubois himself engaged—and the poor reasoning that underlies this practice. It is racial classification that produces “races” from the wide range of morphological diversity within the human species. Specifically, social scientists investigate not “race,” but persons classified as races, their experiences, problems, and relations. However, the questions rarely asked is: how sound is racial classification? Most discussions of race relations and activism around racial equality fail to note that races are constructed through the practice of racial classification. They also fail to inform the lay public that: (1) different types of races are constructed by biologists, geneticists, anthropologists, and sociologists, (2) there is no “scientific” consensus on the differences that demarcate races, and (3) lay persons’ perceptions of “races” reflect the classificatory practices of natural and social scientists, government, media, and educational institutions. These practices generally focus on differences in skin color, hair type, skeletal structure, shape of skull, facial form, and often “cultural differences” to place persons in racial categories. The institutionalization and internalization of racial categories, through education and socialization, produce racialized identities—“black people,” “white people,” “Asians,” “Latinos,” “Native Americans,” and so on. These identities are the basis of in and out-group formations as well as various forms of discrimination for members of one’s group. Discrimination, then, derives from classification practices that categorize persons as blacks, whites, browns, reds, and yellows, or African Americans, Euro-Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Asian Americans, respectively. It follows that the eradication of discrimination must begin with the termination of the institutionalized racial classification of persons. It is testimony to a superficial quality of reasoning in intellectual life that neither the current U.S. President, members of his Panel on Race Relations, nor social scientists generally address their own practices of racial classification and the resulting racialization of identities. Rather, they prefer to discuss “race relations,” racism—a malaise allegedly affecting only “white people”—racial inequalities, racial oppression, and the experiences of persons they classify as black people and white people.


"race" is a bogus concept that we've believed in far too long. Only when our leaders have the courage to utter these words can we hope for an end to racism, because when people fully understand that they have predicated their hatred and bigotry upon a false notion, then that hatred and bigotry will necessarily begin to dissipate. It will have no choice!---Charles Michael Byrd

Race is, and has always been a social concept without biological foundation. It is time for the public at large to abandon an idea which has brought only harm to human relations. ---???

For instance, a person is not more likely to be denied a mortgage because he or she is black (or Hispanic or Chinese), but because another person believes that he or she is black (or Hispanic or Chinese) and ascribes particular behaviors with that racial or ethnic category.---AAA


I agree with this AARC fellow that the concept of race is absurd. We just use and misuse the concept of race to help us identify the various beautiful people in our world. We are all part of the human race but there is nothing wrong with recognizing the differences and commonalities within the human race. We just have to stop thinking that we are so different from each other just because we have different skin tones, different features or cultural practices. We are not all going to get along in this world but don't let skin tone draw the lines of seperation. It is our characters that make us different and don't allow us to get along with some people. Give people a chance to demonstrate their characters and then look at that if you want to judge somebody.---Craig Sutton

Do you want an end to official racial classification?(Federal, State and Medical)

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It really doesn't matter does it?
No, that would be unfair to minorites
YES! In a legally color-blind America I can only see the perpetuated classifying of Americans solely because of morphology to be absoulutely ABSURD!

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The libertarian party is also moving to abolish racial classification

Exposing -- denying -- "race" and dispelling "race"-hypnosis would effectively end chronic inequalities.---George Winkel