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Fan Fiction and A Whole Lot More

Hey everybody this is Jennifer (aka Scarlet) and you have come to the home of my fan fiction. If you like fan fic then youíre going to like my site and if you have been here before you can tell that it looks very different. Well, Iíve gone through a lot of changes the last few months and this one is the tip of the iceberg. In saying that I would like to thank Lex (sissy) for helping me out you did awesome girlie! Oh yes and thereís one more thing I hope you peepz like the site! Have fun and lose yourself in all the stories that are featured, mine and the hosted ones too.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Hey ya'll I just wanted to let you know that after thinking about it long and hard I've decided to revamp my story Dreams Can Come True. I was reading over some of the earlier chapters the other day and realized that I could do a lot better. So I've just begun rewriting the story from the very beginning and in the coming weeks I'll slowly be working my way back up to where I stopped. I'm not completely rewriting the story. I'm simply correcting many grammar mistakes and taking things out that I don't want and adding new things in. You should notice a huge difference when you go look at it. And just so you know chapters 1-10 have already been edited and added to the site. I'll be adding chapters 11-20 next weekend once I've gone through them. So Okie dokie that's about it. Check ya'll later! MUAH!!

March 17, 2004 (Chapter 16 of DCCT has been edited and added)ENJOY!

April 29, 2004 I just added three to four concert reviews in the concert reviews sections of the site. Some of the links may not work just yet though so bare with me! I hope you enjoy reading about the concerts. Three of the ones I added are of the last three concerts I recently attended!!

From now on if you'd like to see any updates please go on over to my new Updates Page <--UPDATED May 3rd!!!!

And also to see any awards my stories or any hosted stories on this site have been nominated for please head on over to my new Awards Page

I did this to make things much more easier for me.

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