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Prom Queen


TEEN pop star Christina Aguilera is the prom queen from hell!

Seniors at an Augusta, Ga., high school were delighted when one of their students won a contest to bring Christina to their prom.

But when the "Genie in a Bottle" star showed up, she acted like a full-blown diva -- ruining the entire gala, say disappointed students at Greenbrier High School.

Christina performed only two songs, ordered a flunky into the crowd to remove any CDs of arch rival Britney Spears -- and virtually ignored Colin Shapiro, the youngster who had won the contest.

"Christina was rude, crude, selfish and disrespectful," Bebe Balas, who helped out at the "Prom of Your Life" event told The ENQUIRER.

Dorothy Hatch, a Greenbrier High School junior who covered the prom for The Augusta Chronicle, reported, "It could not have been the prom of Colin's life . . . (He) was in back most of the time, mostly standing by himself."

Continued Bebe, "It was clear that the prom was the last place Christina wanted to be. While getting ready, she kept hissing: 'I can't believe I'm going through with this. I can't go out there!'

"Christina and her road manager had a huge fight over whether she'd do two or three songs. And she gave strict orders, 'If the DJ plays a Britney Spears song, I'm out of here!'

"She was so busy complaining, she was 45 minutes late to the stage."

A prom guest fumed, "After her ridiculously short performance, Christina was ushered to an interview area to meet with Colin. He gave Christina a rose, but she barely remembered this poor guy who was supposed to be her prom date.

"She said, 'Oh you're the kid who won the contest,' handed him one of her CDs and moved on.

"Her whole visit amounted to two quick songs and a cloud of dust."

Concluded Bebe: "Christina may be a big star, but she's a real zero in Augusta!"