~*~ Baby, I want for nothing
Just your tender sweet loving
I know you've got your things to do
But tell me what means more to you
Hanging out with me
Or with your boys
Sometimes I do get lonely
With no you and no one to hold me
You want so much to lay me down
Is that what keeps you hangin' round
Is that the only way to win your heart?

Well if I loved you a little bit longer
If my love was a little bit stronger
Would you stay, stay?
Baby, please stay
If I granted all of your wishes
Give you more than
Touches and kisses
Would you stay, stay?
I need you to stay

I'll be, be yours forever
But can we keep us together?
I know the time is drawing near
I promised you has it been a year
Baby, now I'm ready will you stay?


Every night I lay and think about it
If you love me you could live without it
But I don't wanna do you that way
No no, no no no
I dont know exactly what I'm feelin'
I'm kinda scared
But I'm then kinda willing
Will you promise me just one thing?
No matter what you're gonna stay...

"Stay" by Destiny's Child

Christina sighed frustratedly at her boyfriend, Nick. "Look, Nick, just... please, don't leave," she begged.

Nick shook his head. "It's too late. I'm dumping you, I'm sorry." For how cold his words were to Christina, they were filled with pain and hurt more rather. Nick really just wanted to move on from her. He didn't really think that they were working out. And, he wnated something from her that she was not ready to give.

"I'll love you more, I promise. I'll try to spend more time with you. I don't want to lose you," Christina's words came out as a whisper. "I need you."

At first, Nick had wanted to bed Christina. She had told him that he'd have to wait. Then, after a year, Nick noticed that he didn't really want a relationship. He wasn't the "commitment" type of guy. "I don't think we'd work out. It'd be too hard. You're too busy for a relationship. We'd just end up right back here again," Nick explained, part truthful. "Please understand."

Christina felt the hot tears burning in her eyes. "HOW?! How can I understand that when I love you? You don't know just how hard I looked to find someone like you! You're my everything! But, all you want is to bed me! That's all you want.." she yelled, the last part making her voice crack down to emotion. Nick lowered his eyes down to his shoes, not knowing what to say.

"Why couldn't you have just told me this earlier? Not after a whole year of me thinking that we were both in love... even yesterday, you were acting so great to me. All you were thinking about all this time was to make a good impression so you would get sex.." Christina said quietly.

"Maybe it just dawned on me," Nick said sarcastically, but not meaning for it to come out that way.

Christina bit her lip and gazed at him as if trying to memorize his image. "Can't you just give me a second chance? This time actually really thinking about my feelings? Is it that hard?"

"I don't wanna waste my time. I'm not ready to get serious," Nick said bluntly and walked towards Christina's front door.

Christina followed him slowly and held open the door, sadness grazed over her face.

Nick leaned down and hugged her gently befire kissing her forehead. "I'm gonna miss you. If anything, you were a friend to me," he whispered.

Christina hugged him back. "Stay," she murmured softly.

"I can't." Nick let go of her and walked outside the door. "Bye, Christina."

"Bye..." Christina held back the tears as Nick got into his jeep and drove off.

"I'll miss you too."

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