These are our stories, written by us, therefore they belong to us. They may not be used, unless you ask nicely, and maybe we'll let you have it. Enjoy!

=*= Scream =*=
Written By: Nicole
NOTE: I am very proud of this story! read it!

=*= Obvious =*=
Written By: Monica

=*= Heartbreaker =*=
Written By: Nicole

=*= Stay =*=
Written By: Monica

=*= Breaking My Heart =*=
Written By: Monica

The following are chapter stories based on songs:

=*= Born To Fly =*=
Written By: Nicole
Summary: Two people who can't find love suddenly realize they are indeed in it.

=*= Vanishing =*=
Written By: Nicole
Summary: I think I was on crack when I wrote this...but anyway, it has to do with kidnapping, Justin, and JC. Delicious combo.

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