((*Normal Stories*))

These are just some stories that aren't based on songs. Well, maybe some will be, but not on purpose. Anyway, like I said on the other page, these are OUR stories, therefore they may not be used by anyone other than us.

Oh yeah, summaries are offered on the longer stories. We wouldn't want you reading a story if you didn't know the plot!

=*= Beatdown =*=
Written By: Nicole
Summary: I was watching 'Eye of the Beholder' and 'Entrapment' when they mixed and came out in this deranged story. It features JC. I think it is cool. Read it.

=*= Don't Tell Me Goodbye So Soon =*=
Written By: Monica
Summary: It's hard to lose someone you desperately love. It's like losing the other half of you...

=*= Perfect =*=
Written By: Nicole
Summary: What's it like to have it all?

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