As you can see, we don't have any hosted stories right now. But, if you have any, send them to me, Nicole, or Monica.

The requirements are:

1.) Please have it in paragraphs! We're not going to sort out through them for you. Also, please have correct grammar and spelling in it! We will only except QUALITY stories.

2.) If you're going to have any violence/language/sex scenes/other, let us know so we can put up a warning.

3.) A pic for the story table of contents is optional! If you want one, find one, click on the right mouse button, go to 'Properties,' and copy the URL address. If you can't do that, send the page to us and we'll handle it.

4.) If it has a song theme, include the lyrics and artist.

5.) Specify whether it is short (just one page) or long (chapters).


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