((*Breaking My Heart*))

Britney's eyes started watering. No, no, no... this can't be happening, she thought helplessly, watching her boyfriend passionately kissing some tall redhead.

"Jason...?" Britney's voice quivered, hoping with all her might that it wasn't him.

But, as the guy turned around and met eyes with her, Britney knew it was.

Jason looked startled to see her. He must've haven't expected Britney; her being due back from her tour tomorrow. But, she decided to come and surprise him. Joke's on her too.

"Britney?? This isn't what you're thinking," Jason quickly said, hiding the redhead behind him. But, the girl merely stood up so Britney could see her.

"Umm...Britney? That's your name, I think. Um, well, anyway, I'm sooo sorry to inform you that Jason is no longer seeing you. He's seeing me," the girl chirped up.

Britney stared hard at her. "Excuse me?? Jason, what do you think you're doing?!"

Jason sighed. "Heather, leave, we need to clear this out..."

The redhead, who seemed to be Heather, put her hands on her hips. "Am I not a part of this? Look, Jason, if you're gonna act like this then you can forget about us."

"Maybe that would be a good idea!" Britney glared.

Heather's jaw dropped. "Ugh, fine then! Jason, if you want me, I'll be at Terri's," she said snootily and marched out of Jason's apartment.

Britney's eyes glazed over with sadness. "Why, Jason? Why?? Did I give you enough?"

Jason rubbed his eyes. "No, it's not like that! It was...uhh..."

"Oh, just spit it out, Jason! You were carrying on a relationship with that girl behind my back!" Britney cried. "How could you?? What did I do to make you cheat on me?"

"Well...ok, I'll say it. You never had time to spend with me. You're constantly on tour and doing promotions and everything. You're too busy to be with me, so therefore I cheated. I hated being alone," Jason blurted out.

Britney bit her lip, trying to keep the tears in. "Oh, God. You're right..." Britney gasped out, her heart breaking.

"But, Britney, it's not your fault. I understand what you gotta do with your career and everything. You're Britney Spears, the big pop queen. You don't have any time for me." Jason smiled tightly.

Britney's tears dripped down her cheek and on the floor. She let out a loud sigh, "I-I...oh, this can't happen..."

"But it is..." Jason replied.

Britney walked towards the door. "I'll get my stuff from here later. I'll miss you, Jason..." she opened the door.

Jason nodded, looking as sad as she was. But, they both knew it would probably come to this. It was only a matter of time.

Britney went out the door and walked down the stairs back to her car, letting everything out then. She just had her heart broken, and now she had to move on. Somehow she would...but definitely not now.

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