The top nine reasons to not attend the class of '76, Chomedey Polyvalent High School reunion!

9- Mr. Meany is catering

8- Now that I've seen half of you naked on the internet, I don't think so.

7- The reunion will be co-hosted by Mr.Newsome, and Mr.Graub. Half way through the evening they will openly declare that they are in fact, aliens from a distant galaxy.

6- If Mr.Hardon shows up, I'm in big trouble ...

5- Of 297 C.P.H.S. grads, fully one third could not manage to write coherent bios. Gaze upon their lovely photos commencing on page 102 of your anual. Ask your self one more time, "Do I really want to go back ?"

4- Due to the low turn out, the reunion will rapidly disentegrate into an Ina Schwartz ghost story festival.

3- Remember Mrs. Keppie ? 'nuff said.

2- There are enough ass-holes at work, do I really have to go to a reunion ?

1- Why is this only the top nine ? Because like everything and everyone at Chomedey High, I just don't give a damn.

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