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The Chapbooks Have Broken Up

Hi everybody. The Chapbooks have broken up. Last week, during the season premiere of Buffy The Vampire Slayer, DJ Shostakovich became unbearably smitten with Jason Behr (aka Mr. Sexy-ears) in the commercials promoting the season premiere of Roswell, during which the aforesaid Mr. Sexy-ears kept taking his shirt off, for about one sixty-fourth of a second. After the show the DJ e-mailed the Pope, to get his thoughts on Buffy’s return, and recieved a reply that “Mr. Sexy-ears is definitely not sexy at all.”

Due to these differences, the DJ and the Pope have decided to call it a day, since neither of them believes it would be possible to overcome these incompatibilities without turning into one of those bands where the members just beat each other up all day.

You can still read the DJ’s CD reviews and the Pope’s movie reviews; you can also still sign the guestbook. Other than that, though, the fat lady has sung.

You can eE-mail your condolences to the dj or the pope. Thanks for being such good kids, and we’ll keep you posted about any future projects either of us might work on.

Thanks to everybody that's helped out in our two years of existing, most especially Lindsay, Heron, and Julie, Jean Kusina for designing our logo, Philipp for coming up with the album cover, Gerlinda and Ray for entering all our silly contests every time, everybody else that entered our silly contests, Jah (if you're out there), our parents, the academy and everybody that inspired us, from Suzanne Vega to St. Therese de Lisieux.

DJ Dimitri Shostakovich

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