Breetles LYRICS

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CB, Tell me where they are!!


Sweet Violet
Just gets by
Angry underneath
Her mouth gets dry
Buys her cigarettes
Spends a lot
Doodies on her nails
Camaro in the lot
Thunder and lying
The fears of our appearance
Holes in her oysters
All fall out of hearing
Now shešs a creature-comfort-minded child
It goes to her head, right through her head
It figures by now shešd be linked to a cow
Shešs got cows in her brain, cows in her brain

Freddy was the spy
Of his floor
Snitching to the boss
Fucking whore
Lying through his knees
Hair piled high
Does his little deed
Smiling wide
Blunder and flying
The tears of no coherence
He tools in the backwoods
Lost security clearance
Now hešs the cream of ATT and flies
The airšs in his head, wind-tunnel Fred
Itšs certain, for sure, hešs no part of the cure
Hešs got cows in his brain, cows in his brain

words & music - Chris Breetveld
Published by Breet Music, BMI