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The Big Fat Bald And Ugly Sloppy Lazy Happy Gluttons Home Page

We're Too Big For Our Britches!

Dedicated To Building Fat On The Upper Body
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Welcome to The Big Fat Bald And Ugly Sloppy Lazy Happy Gluttons Home Page! Yeah! That's right! This web site is dedicated to another alternative life style for people who prefer being fat, and who want to grow even fatter! there are a number of "Belly Builder" and "Gainer" web site out there on the Internet, but this one takes belly building to the extreme!

I'm already fat, but I hope to become even fatter. I enjoy gaining weight, especially on my belly, and I like to display my big belly in public! But not's not all. I hope someday my belly becomes so big that I can no longer tuck in my shirt, or keep my pants from sliding halfway down on my butt. So, not only do I enjoy showing off my belly, but I also like to show off my bellybutton and butt-crack. I'm just a big fat lazy slob who loves being fat.

I'm also bald. My hair started thinning out when I was only 17 years old, and a year later, I had a bald spot on the back of my head, and I was completely bald on top of my head by the time I was only 19 years old! Now, most people would be upset going prematurely bald in their teenage years, but not me. I have a fat baby face and a bald head. I was happy that I was going bald because it made me look older than my teenage years. I could go into any liquor store or any bar, and buy alcoholic beverages, and they wouldn't ask me to show and ID card. They just assumed that I was old enough to drink because of my bald head. And so I drank a lot of beer to help grow my big belly.

Although I'm fat, my legs are normal, and I don't have a big butt. I tend to gain weight mostly on my upper body! I have big breasts, fat arms, and a big belly, and my "love handles" are much wider than my hips, and the fat on my lower back protrudes out further than my butt, and my belly hangs down over my belt. I hope someday that my "love handles" eventually hang down over my hips and my belly hangs down to my knees, causing my pants to fall down. I also hope that someday my arms are bigger around than my legs! I have a fetish for upper-body fat. It really turns me on! I'm also gay, and I'm attracted to middle aged bald headed men with big bellies and small butts. Now, I'm well aware of the health dangers of upper body obesity, that upper body fat increases the risk of heart disease and diabetes, where as lower body fat doesn't pose any health risk, but I find upper body fat to be a real turn on! Despite the risk, I prefer upper body fat. The graphics on my web site depicts how fat I hope to become some day.

Gain weight and loose hair!
(Also loose your shorts!)

Have an expanding waistline and a receding hairline
and a belly to die for! Go out in a big way!

Of course I don't discriminate against people who have mostly lower body fat, even though I prefer to have most of my fat on my upper body. Naturally, it's harder to design animated graphics depicting lower body weight gain, because you have to draw larger and larger pants or shorts as they get fatter and fatter, where as guys who gain mostly on the upper body can continue wearing the same size pants as their bellies get bigger, until their pants fall down!

Anyway I have recently bought a new scanner, and a .gif Animator so I could put my own images up on my web site. The animations seen above are the very first ones I have ever created. I enjoy drawing pictures of fat people and creating animations, but I hope that you will E-mail me any photos you have of yourselves, or drawings, so that I may put them up on this website. And so without further ado, I proudly present. . . . . . .

Here's to all those health and fitness nuts, and would be diet cops out there!

One advantage of having mostly upper body fat, is that it's cheaper to buy pants! You can buy your pants for a reasonable price at any Walmart, or K Mart, where as those with a lot of lower body fat have to go to a Big Man's Store and pay a much higher price for a pair of pants. Upper body fat may be more dangerous to one's health than lower body fat, But what the Hell! You pay less for pants!

Of course, if you gain enough weight on your upper body, it will become impossible to even put on a pair of pants, like this fat nude dude! I which case you'll be confined to your house, unable to go out to display your big belly in public, unless you wish to live in a nudist colony, then you can display your belly for everyone to gawk at!

Big Fat Nude Dude!

This is how big I hope to become some day!

My future body!

I also must add, that although I am gay, this is NOT necessarily a GAY or a STRAIGHT website, but a website where ALL are welcome, regardless of race, or sexual preference. So if you harbor any prejudice against gays, fat people, and/or you have any racial prejudice, then I suggest you go to another website. This is a website that is about being fat, or getting fat, and enjoying every pound! That's right! This website is for those who love being FAT and getting fatter! This website promises to be much more than just another "belly builder" website! You will notice, that my website is dedicated to building fat mostly on the upper body, since I have a fetish for upper body fat which really turns me on! Of course, those with big butts and fat legs, having an abundance of lower body fat, are also welcome to submit their photos which I will put up on my website for the purpose of comparing the difference between upper body fat, and lower body fat.

You're probably wondering why I prefer upper body fat to lower body fat, after all, doesn't having most of your fat on your upper body put you ar greater risk of heat disease, diebetes, or other health problems?

I'm sure that most of us who are into weight, either loosing, or gaining have heard about, or read articles in magazines about the WHR, Waist to Hip Ratio where you divide your waist measuerment by your hip measurement, and if your WHR is greater than 0.7 for women, or 1.0 for men, then you are at greater risk to your health than some one who tends to gain weight mostly on the butt and thighs. But I happen to prefer upper body fat! Yeah, I'm well aware of the greater risk. But, it's the element of danger in having mostly upper body fat, that makes it such a big thrill!

Some guys are into mountain climbing, sky diving, auto racing, or motocross, all dangerous sports where one may risk life or limb, just for the thrill of it! But if you happen to be a big fat lazy glutton like me, you are unable to do these things, so, I seek my thrills elsewhere. Actually, building upper body fat is more dangerous than all these sports combined, since one does see auto racers, sky divers, etc. etc. who have lived into their 70's or 80's while the worlds fattest people have passed on while they were only in their 30's 40's or 50's.

Of course there was a gentleman known as "Happy Jack Eliot" who weighed over 700 pounds, who died at the age of 69 when the brakes on the van he was driving failed. He fractured several ribs and died in the hospital as a result of his injuries, but if it wasn't for the accident, he might have lived until his mid or late 70's!

So, I'm into building upper body fat, because the element of danger, to me, is a big thrill. It's the most dangerous pursuit ( I can't call it a sport ) there is, and it's also the easiest, because all I have to do is just sit down and eat, and eat, and stuff my belly with all kinds of goodies, and then just kick back and relax, and watch my belly grow!

My goal is to continue growing upper body fat until my belly hangs down to my knees, until my "love handles" hang down over my hips, until the fat on my lower back hangs down over my butt, until my breasts are bigger than my butt-cheeks, and until my arms are actually bigger around than my legs! And so, I hope to set a new record for having the highest WHR, Waist to Hip Ratio.

No doubt, some people may find this website offensive or perverted since it encourages gluttony and decadence. If so, I suggest you move on. But if you happen to be a big fat lazy glutton like me, and are not concerned about the risks involved in building upper body fat, then I welcome you to my website!

I may be gay, but I'm not an effeminate wussy! REAL MEN are not afraid of carrying most of their fat up front above the belt, and also hanging down below the belt! REAL MEN are not embarrassed about walking around in public with their pants falling halfway down on their butts, showing off their butt cracks, or being unable to pull their shirts down over their bellybuttons! Also REAL MEN don't mind going bald on top of their heads!

I'm glad I don't have fat thighs and a big butt! To me, it looks too feminine! Of course that's my own opinion. Some guys, and mostly women, gain a most of their weight on their lower bodies, and are probably at a much lower risk of having heart disease, and where you carry your extra fat is probably genetic. Me, I tend to gain most of my fat on my upper body which I feel, makes me look more masculine. Again, I'm aware that I'm at greater risk for heat disease and diabetes, but I'm perfectly willing to face the danger and to live with the consequences. I made my choice, and so I face the danger, like a REAL MAN!

I love being fat! I love the sensation of all that flesh, and the sensation of heaviness on my feet and legs as I carry all that weight around. Obesity really turns me on! I enjoy looking at fat people walking along the street, and I especially enjoy seeing fat people on the beach. It would be a rather dull and uninteresting world if there were no fat people in it, if everybody were thin, or normal, because to me all thin or normal people look pretty much alike. But if there were only fat people in the world, it would be even more interesting. That is because fat people come in a wide variety of different shapes.

We fat people come in so many different shapes. Some fat people have their fat evenly distributed all over their bodies, arms, and legs, while some fat people, (mostly women but also some men) have most of their fat on their lower bodies. The some fat people (mostly men but also some women) have most of their fat on their upper bodies, like me for example. Then some people have most of their fat on their butts, while some people have most of their fat in front having big bellies and small butts, again, like me. Then there are some fat people who actually have skinny legs! I once saw a man who's arms were much fatter than his legs. I even saw a woman with fat arms and skinny legs! Now that really turns me on, to see skinny, weak and wobbly legs supporting a massive upper body! We fat people come in so many different shapes, it is no wonder why I enjoy drawing pictures of fat people!

I remember when I was a kid, I enjoyed staring at fat people on the beach, and then I would draw pictures of fat people! I drew pictures of both fat men and women, but I found fat men more interesting because they come in many more different shapes then women do so I drew mostly pictures of fat men, but I would hide my drawings, not letting anyone else in my family see them. It was my own little secret. Then I eventually became fat myself. I was actually turned on by my own weight gain!

Also, when I was a kid I liked to "pad", which is stuffing your clothes with pillows to make yourself look fat. That was another one of my secrets that I hid from the rest of my family. When I was 10 years old, I found an old pair of adult size pants and a large shirt, and I would put them on and stuff them with pillows, and it made me look very fat!

As an adult living alone, although I'm already fat, I still like to pad. I have a pair of XXXXXL grey stretch pants, and a XXXL size shirt, and when I stuff them with pillows, I measure about 90 inches around, which is how big I hope to become someday. I like to get up in the morning, and pad myself, and then I sit around all day like that. I even go about my household chores while I'm padded. I also sit down to eat, and watch TV, but when I sit in front of my computer, I can just bearly reach my keyboard. One of these days, I'm going to get a sewing machine and make myself a pair of stretch pants measuring 150 inches around the waist and a really big shirt, and have a closet full of big fluffy pillows and really go to town! Yeah! I know, I'm weird!

I have often wondered how many thousands of people out their who liked to draw pictures of fat people, only to hide them from their families and friends. Now, thanks to the Internet, I have seen many drawing put up by people who have the same fat fetish as I do, so now I know that I'm not alone. Thank goodness for the internet.

What is this weird thing, this strange fascination, that some of us have about obesity? These days you see a lot of commercials on TV for all kinds of diets, exercise devices, and weight loss products, for the millions of people who want to loose weight. But there is a segment of our society, a sub culture of fat admirers, "feeders" and "feedees", "encourages" and "gainers", people who either want to get fat, or who are already fat, and love being fat, and want to get even fatter. For some of us, obesity it a turn on! But you don't see any products advertised for people like us. In fact, we have would be "diet cops" who would like to ban hamburgers and French fries, and all kinds of fattening foods. But they don't realize that there are many people who want to be fat, and stay fat, or get fatter!

Is this some strange kind of psychological aberration? I don't see anything in the books on psychology covering this particular topic. But we're here! There are at least many thousands of us out there in the world, but we're still in the closet. I'm gay, and out of the closet about being gay, but when it comes to gaining, and "padding", I'm still in the closet, which is why I won't use my real name on this web site. So I go by the name Baby Huey. Of course, there no such thing as a closet fat person. Obesity is so obvious and it can't be hidden, but we're in the closet because so many of us won't publicly admit that we love being fat.

If this is some kind of psychological disorder, than I plead guilty as charged, but I'm not hurting anyone by gaining, or padding in the privacy of my own home. It's nobody's business but my own. I enjoy obesity because I like the sensation of soft flabby flesh quivering all over my body. It's a very pleasant sensation, and I like to pad because it feels so good! We come from all walks of life. This thing knows no racial, economic, and social boundaries. And so, I dedicate this web site to all those out there who share in the same fat fetish.

So, in the meantime, please do E-mail me any stories you have, truth or fiction, and I will put them up on my website. Another words, please help me make my fantasy website become a reality, by submitting your "weight gain" stories, both real or fiction, and also, E-mail images of either photos or drawings. They may be in bitmap bmp. format, or .jpg, or .gif format. just E-mail me your stories, and/or images so I may put them up on this website.

Only you can make my wildest fantasies become a reality! Thank you!

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