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You haven't read U.S.
until you've read these annotations!


Where's that quote from? What was the name of that product mascot? Where does your home state appear?

Helpful footnotes to enhance your reading of the Vertigo/DC Comics' U.S. graphic novel.

The writer and artist did such a phenomenal amount of research for the story that it can't be fully appreciated without reviewing the details contained here. Fans of American pop art as well as students of history will enjoy this work especially.


Icons of American culture are coming to life! Written by Steve Darnall and painted by the award-winning Alex Ross, U.S. follows a tattered old man across the United States of America as he tries to figure out if he is the livng embodiment of a country gone astray or a delusional vagrant. Sam keeps flashing back through history, too, treating us to images of nostalgic icons that are sometimes delightful and sometimes horrifying. U.S. will give Americans a whole new perspective on their country.

Also known as UNCLE SAM, the graphic novel was originally published in two parts in 1997. It is also available in collected hardcover and softcover editions with a new cover by Ross and an article on the history of Uncle Sam by Darnall. The hardcover also features an introduction by historian Greil Marcus.


Click on either "Part 1" or "Part 2" on the navigation bar at top of this page. If you don't see the navigation buttons at top, click here.

Notes are laid out in order of page number and panel number. For instance, "12:3" would refer to page 12, panel 3. The page numbering is consistant with the two-part format of the original printing. The page numbering I use is NOT consistant with the collected single edition (trade paperback or hardcover), but in coming weeks I will add thumbnail pictures of pages labeled with their page numbers.

At the "Melting Pot" page you will find links to other related websites. Please give me your thoughts/ suggestions and report non-fuctioning links. Help me fill in any historical facts I'm missing!

Enjoy the site!


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