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SWAMP THING Characters:

Jason Woodrue (image at left by Bissette/Totleben) is a longtime super-villain in DC Comics. Supposedly exiled from another dimension, Woodrue first appeared human and was a foe of the Atom, calling himself the Plant-Master (ATOM #1 and 24). Years later he mutated into the wood & moss Floronic Man and was a foe of the Green Lantern (in FLASH #245-246). In Neil Gaiman's BLACK ORCHID mini-series, we learned that Woodrue is partly responsible for the tranformation of Pamela Isley (a student of his) into Batman's enemy Poison Ivy. That same story advances the idea that Woodrue was a scientific colleague of Alec Holland (whose body became the Swamp Thing)and his wife Linda.

He appears briefly in the embarassing 1997 movie "Batman and Robin".

In SECRET ORIGINS #23, Feb.1988 (Cover shown at right by S.Bissette?) he recounts his version of his history to Killer Croc before escaping Arkham Asylum. (Story by Rick Veitch.) Given his mental instability, one might infer from this story that Woodrue's extra-dimensional origins are merely his delusion, in current continuity.

Woodrue served on the short-lived team called the NEW GUARDIANS after the MILLENNIUM mini-series crossover event, and changed his name to Floro.

In 1997's STARMAN #33-35 (under Batman's supervision) he assists Jack Knight and Sentinel in confronting Solomon Grundy (a failed swamp elemental whom ST fought in ST #67.)

Notable appearances in SWAMP THING:

#21 "The Anatomy Lesson"
#22 "Swamped"
#23 "Another Green World"
#24 "Roots"

While working (under much pressure) for General Sunderland, Woodrue makes the revolutionary discovery that ST is not really Alec Holland, as previously believed. He revives ST and has a mental breakdown while trying to give plant life total control over the planet. Ironically, ST succeeds where the Justice League failed to subdue Woodrue.

#52 "Natural Consequences" page 8
When next seen, Woodrue is in Arkham Asylum and repentantly worships ST as a god.

#66 "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest"
Constantine coerces info from Woodrue inside Arkham.

SWAMP THING ANNUAL #5"Shaggy God Stories"
In a backup story, Woodrue talks with the Parliament of Trees. Author Neil Gaiman hints at the censored "Swamp Thing Meets Jesus" story which had been intended for issue #88.